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Podcast Olympic Series: Makyn Olympic moments

July 20, 2020 Dalton Myers Season 2 Episode 12
The Drive Phase
Podcast Olympic Series: Makyn Olympic moments
Show Notes

Guest: Ricardo Makyn
Chief Photo Editor at The Jamaica Gleaner

In this episode, Ricardo Makyn discusses Olympic moments through his lens. He speaks about how he developed his interest in photography after working a summer job at a photo studio and studying and being trained in photography via mail when he started in the late 1990s. 

Ricardo shares: 

  • How his career starting at the Sunday Herald helped to develop his storytelling skills as a photographer. 
  • The type of preparation that goes into covering major championships as a photographer
  • Advantages of being a Jamaica photographer at major sporting events
  • Day to day experience of covering major sporting championships as a photo-journalist for The Gleaner. 

Other topics discussed are:

  • The aura and presence of the legendary Usain Bolt at major sporting championships and his impact on sports 
  • Being viewed as an ambassador for Jamaica when covering major sporting championships.
  • Advice for young journalists and covering the Boys and Girls Championships build their skills as a photo-journalist.
  • His work being included in the keepsake book, “Usain Bolt Legend”, which was done by The Gleaner to chronicle Bolt’s historical journey in sprinting

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