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Podcast Olympic Series: Toni-Ann Williams' historic journey

August 03, 2020 Dalton Myers Season 2 Episode 13
The Drive Phase
Podcast Olympic Series: Toni-Ann Williams' historic journey
Show Notes

Guest: Toni-Ann Williams
Olympian Gymnast

In this episode, Toni-Ann discusses her historical journey. The Olympians shares her emotions when she learnt she had qualified to represent Jamaica at the Rio 2016 Summer Games. She also speaks about family’s support in her athletic journey especially her mom’s level of involvement in her achievements.

Toni-Ann also discusses:

  • Her decision at age 15 to compete for Jamaica even though she was not born in Jamaica. 
  • Wanting to use her success and Olympic qualification to inspire a new generation of gymnasts in Jamaica. 
  • The support from, and interacting with, other Jamaican athletes at Rio 2016. 
  • How she balanced competing for Jamaica and at the collegiate level at the University of California, Berkeley simultaneously. 
  • Her recovery and motivation to persevere from six major injuries and five surgeries

Other topics discussed are:
Her continuous preparation for the upcoming international games. 
Her experience as a coach so far at United Gymnastix and Towson University.
Top and lowest moments as a gymnast. 
Her advocacy on raising awareness of racial discrimination and diversity in gymnastics. Abuse of athletes in the sport and the need for continued advocacy for the protection of youth in sports

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