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Elaine Thompson Herah: "I really want to retain my double Olympic medals"

August 31, 2020 Dalton Myers / Elaine Thompson Herah Season 2 Episode 16
The Drive Phase
Elaine Thompson Herah: "I really want to retain my double Olympic medals"
Show Notes

Guest: Elaine Thompson Herah
Double Olympic Champion

In this episode, Elaine discusses Sprinting Into History. She speaks about her achievement in the 100m and 200m at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio and her mental readiness as she prepared for the Olympic Games after dealing with an injury. 

Elaine also speaks about:

  • Her interest in track and field from a young age and her early life in Banana Ground, Manchester and how it impacted her life
  • Her participation in the Boys and Girls Championships and how it helped to prepare her for her professional career
  • How she started her professional career at the MVP Track and Field Club at the University of Technology, Jamaica
  • Her experience at her first major championship in 2015 and representing Jamaica at the World Athletics Championships and running her personal best time of 21.66 in the 200m finals.

Elaine shares what motivates her and wanting to be a mentor for younger athletes. She also speaks about how she stays focused as she deals with being a public figure and staying mentally strong as she deals with the impact of injuries. 

Other topics discussed are:

  • Her performances at meets in this abbreviated season and how the downtime due to the pandemic has helped her to heal and recover from her injuries
  • Her belief that she can go faster 
  • Her experience as a newly-wed and her husband being her support system 
  • The postponement of Tokyo 2020 and how it has aided in her being better prepared to defend her sprint double 
  • Training with Stephen Francis for the past decade and her trust in him 
  • Her goals for the next five years including achieving a World Athletics Championships gold medal, running below 10.70 in the 100m and bettering her personal best in the 200m
  • Advice for young and upcoming athletes.

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