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Commonwealth Games Federation: Leadership, Culture and Sport - Changing the Game

September 14, 2020 Dalton Myers Season 2 Episode 17
The Drive Phase
Commonwealth Games Federation: Leadership, Culture and Sport - Changing the Game
Show Notes

In this episode, Commonwealth Games Federation CEO, David Grevemberg discusses Leadership, Culture and Sport - Changing the Game􏰄. He shares his view on the need for diversity/inclusion given the geographical and historical structure of the Commonwealth Games Federation and importance of sports in strengthening the entire Commonwealth.

David also speaks about:

  • How the CGF is striving to remain relevant as more competitions emerge in track and field world
  • How the CGF plans to adapt to the changes in the track and field schedule as a result of the global pandemic 
  • What will make the Birmingham games a unique experience that is appealing to athletes 
  • The importance of Para athletes to the CGF and how they want to improve the recognition of their talents.
  • Using sports and the brand of CGF and initiatives to fight for freedom, equality and diversity and to acknowledge the colonial history of the Commonwealth.

David also speaks about reparative justice and the importance of protecting and empowering members of the Commonwealth. He added his views about athletes and sporting administrations addressing human rights issues such as racial equality. 

Other topics discussed are:

  • Athletes being allowed to protest human right issues at the Commonwealth Games and why the CGF believed it was crucial to make a statement during the rise in prominence of the Black Lives Matter movement  
  • Advocacy and activism among athletes and administrators providing them with the platform to facilitate this.
  • The postponement of the Commonwealth Youth Games until 2023
  • Bringing the Commonwealth Youth Games to the Caribbean and how it showcases their culture and history
  • Safeguarding children in sports and the role of the CGF in training persons in sports about safeguarding children
  • How the CGF is empowering women in sports 

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