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Sasha Sutherland: The Regional Fight Against Doping in Sport

December 07, 2020 Dalton Myers Season 3 Episode 2
The Drive Phase
Sasha Sutherland: The Regional Fight Against Doping in Sport
Show Notes

In this episode, Executive Director of the Caribbean Regional Anti-Doping Organization (RADO), Dr Sasha Sutherland discusses The Fight Against Doping in Sports. She shares her views on the growth of Caribbean Regional Anti-Doping Organization since its establishment 15 years ago in terms of capacity building and its partnerships with Caribbean countries in the implementation of drug control programmes. She also addresses the challenges that the organisation has faced such as travelling across member counties and the strategies adapted to increase capacity within these countries.

Dr Sutherland also speaks about:

  • The role of Caribbean RADO in educating athletes and support personnel in countries especially those that lack legislation and or policies regarding anti-doping.
  • The importance of consistent and clear messaging in educating athletes about the various steps in anti-doping and building awareness as a prevention tool for doping. 
  • Dr Sutherland also speaks about the revised World Anti-Doping Code and some of the major changes to the standards and violations that are of note including new standard on education, expanding of tampering violations to include fraudulent conduct and no longer including notice in regards prohibitive association rules. 

Other topics discussed are:

  • The provision allowing athletes to request a public hearing in the new World Anti-Doping code 
  • Her views on the measures of the whereabouts violations and the importance of the current rules to keep the sport clean and to maintain the integrity of the sport
  • Strategies that athletes and administrations can implement to stay within the boundaries of the whereabouts rules
  • The Rodchenkov Anti-Doping Act and the provisions that are concerning to other Anti-Doping organisations (Editor’s note, this Act  was signed into law by President Donald Trump after this episode was recorded)
  • The road ahead in the region for the fight against doping in sport

The “Podcast Pick” for this week’s episode is “Commonwealth Caribbean Sports Law” by J. Tyrone Marcus and Jason Haynes. 

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