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Alia Atkinson : "Honest Labour Bears A Lovely Face"

December 22, 2020 Dalton Myers, Alia Atkinson Season 3 Episode 4
The Drive Phase
Alia Atkinson : "Honest Labour Bears A Lovely Face"
Show Notes

In this episode, Olympian Alia Atkinson discusses her historical journey in swimming. She speaks about her early interest in sport and her decision to focusing on swimming. She discusses the impact of the pandemic on her mentally and her initial goals for the year. She also shares how her philanthropic efforts which are closely tied to swimming.

Alia also speaks about:

  • How differently she approaches swimming comparing when she started versus now 
  • What it was like competing in the International Swimming League during the pandemic 
  • How she has dealt with disappointments over the years
  • Her family’s support and her mother and aunt’s role in her career

Alia also discusses the swimmers that she is anticipating from Jamaica to follow in her footsteps. She gives her opinion on what needs to be done to support the development of swimming locally to facilitate more swimmer excelling internationally.

She also talks:

  • Being a mentor to younger swimmers from the region 
  • Members of his support system including family and friends
  • The most memorable moments in her career, including her world record performances 
  • Her longstanding relationship with her coach, Chris Anderson
  • Her plans for her post-competitive career including becoming an author
  • Increasing the presence of women of colour in swimming

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