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Ryan O. Brathwaite: Sport for Development in the Caribbean - The Way Forward

February 01, 2021 Dalton MYERS / Ryan O. Brathwaite Season 3 Episode 6
The Drive Phase
Ryan O. Brathwaite: Sport for Development in the Caribbean - The Way Forward
Show Notes

In this episode, Regional Development Manager - Caribbean and Americas, Commonwealth Games Federation, Ryan O. Brathwaite discusses Sport for Development in the Caribbean: The Way Forward. He speaks about the benefits of sport in society in relation to health and wellness, education and development overall. He shares how sport being used as a development tool can reduce Noncommunicable diseases.

Ryan also speaks about:

  1. He shares the challenges to sport being viewed as a developmental tool in the Caribbean including lack of resources and inadequate expertise in sport administration across the region. 
  2. The role of young people in sport administration and sport as a development tool regionally 
  3. The importance of partnerships regionally to drive the development of sport regionally 

Ryan also shared his views on transition of  Barbadian athletes  from the junior level to professional levels. The key factors to building a lucrative sport industry regionally especially in the context of the pandemic. 

Other topics discussed are:

  1. The importance of leveraging relationships and highlighting the value of the Caribbean to the global sport industry stakeholders
  2. How to assist professional and amateur athletes to establish strong brands
  3. Sport as a tool to tackle tolerance and other social issues such as discrimination, racism and equality 

The “Podcast Pick” for this week’s episode is “Beyond a Boundary” by C.L.R James.

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