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Aliann Pompey: Athletes' Rights and Voice in Sport

February 15, 2021 Dalton Myers / Aliann Pompey Season 3 Episode 8
The Drive Phase
Aliann Pompey: Athletes' Rights and Voice in Sport
Show Notes

In the “Play of the Day”, Dalton speaks with president of the PanAm Sports Athlete Commission and Olympian Aliann Pompey.

In this episode, Aliann discusses Athletes Rights and Voice in Sports. She explained why she started Aliann Pompey Invitational and the event's progress over the years. She shares how she adjusted to performing at the professional level and her experience at her first appearance at a Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia. 

Aliann also speaks about:

  • Women being represented in sport administration
  • Rule 40 and 50 of the Olympic Charter
  • Working with athletes rights’ groups formed to tackle specific groups
  • The value of representation
  • Administrations’ efforts to address issues that Olympians face
  • Advice for athletes in using their access to their advantage

 The 2002 Commonwealth Games 400m gold medalist also shared her lessons learned in her experience as a sport administration and the evolution of track and field into being more athlete-centred. 

Other topics discussed are:

  • Her favourite Olympic performance (2008)
  • Her decision to retire from competitive athletics
  • What has influenced her to become a sport administrator and advocate 
  • The importance of giving back as a retired athlete
  • Her coaching career

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