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Rovman Powell: Lessons on a Journey to success

February 22, 2021 Dalton Myers / Rovman Powell Season 3 Episode 9
The Drive Phase
Rovman Powell: Lessons on a Journey to success
Show Notes

In this episode, Cricket West Indies player and Jamaica Scorpion captain Rovman Powell discusses his recent his cricketing journey including some of his personal highs and lows. He also shares how the pandemic has impacted sports in the region including the teams he has played with since 2020.  He speaks about the performance of the Jamaica Scorpions in the 2021 Super50 Cup.

Rovman also speaks about:

  1. His personal contribution to the Jamaica Scorpions so far in the 2021 Super50 Cup 
  2. The role that his sport scholarship at the University of the West Indies, Mona enabled him to achieve his career goals
  3. His choice for cricket as a profession
  4. The role of his mother in his development and as a support system 
  5. His close relationship with former Jamaican cricketer and coach, Robert Samuels 


Rovman also speaks his relationship with Floyd Reifer. He also shares what he believes is crucial to improving the state of the Jamaica Tallawahs to ensure that they have a better season than they have had over the last few seasons.

Other topics discussed are:

  1. Chris Gayle and Andre Russell and their decision to leave the Jamaica Tallawahs’ franchise 
  2. Young Jamaican players he is looking forward to being a part of the Jamaican franchises
  3. Playing with his cricketing heroes such as Kumar Sangakkara and Dale Steyn
  4. Highest and lowest moments in his professional career
  5. His long and short-term goals


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