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Donald Oliver: The voice of sporting history, creating memories

April 20, 2021 Dalton Myers / Donald Oliver Season 3 Episode 13
The Drive Phase
Donald Oliver: The voice of sporting history, creating memories
Show Notes

In the “Play of the Day”, Dalton speaks with Sports Producer and Commentator, Donald Oliver. 

In this episode, Donald discusses sport journalism and commentary in a changing world. He shares his inspiration for his documentary, “Alia: Darling of the Pool”, the production of the project and his aspiration to produce more documentaries locally. 

Donald also speaks about:

  • How he got started in sport journalism 
  • The importance of sport commentary to broadcasting 
  • Challenges of modern sports journalism and commentating  
  • How he rebounds from errors made during commentary

Donald discusses working on major projects including the London 2012 Summer Olympics and the 2014 FIFA World Cup and addressing the challenges to constantly improve their products. 

Other topics discussed are:

  • Advice for young sport journalists 
  • Sport Commentators that inspires him (Peter Drury, Brian Rickman, Simon Crosskill and Lance Whittaker)
  • Most memorable moments in sport commentary (from his commentary and other broadcasters)
  • Expectations for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics

In our new feature, Donald’s knowledge about Manchester United Football Club is tested in 60 seconds. In the “Podcast Pick”, Sports Event Management: The Caribbean Experience by Leslie-Ann Jordan, David Truly and Ben Tyson is recommended by Dalton. 

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