The Richest Podcast in Shanghai (ft. Tamar Hela & Tommy Greb)

May 24, 2019 Uncorked SH Season 1 Episode 2
The Richest Podcast in Shanghai (ft. Tamar Hela & Tommy Greb)
Show Notes

Money, money, money! From the strangest things money can buy on Taobao and investing as an expat to becoming bffs with money using it as a tool for self care, this week we get well acquainted with how to handle your RMB! We know Shanghai is an expensive city, but your finances don't need to reflect that! Learn how exactly you can make the yuans work for you this week as we discuss the relationship we have with money and how to handle it better with Tamar Hela and Tommy Greb. 

Tamar Hela is a former publishing director who has lived in 3 different countries and started 3 different businesses in the creative arts and education. Her main passions involve the publishing industry, education, and complementary health and medicine. A published author of 3 books and professional editor of over 45 books, she understands the transformative power of storytelling. As an educator who is also a certified natural health instructor, she helps her students and clients to "change their stories" and become a better version of themselves...to save the world. 


After being in Shanghai for nearly three years, Tamar is growing the year-old campaign #LinkedInLocal Shanghai, which she hosts. She’s also recently launched “The Richest Women in Shanghai”, inspired by the book The Richest Man in Babylon. This community aims to empower women around wealth, investing, and owning their worth. Find out more about Tamar at: www.tamarhela.com.


Thomas Greb graduated from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts with focuses in International Business, Finance, and Supply Chain Management. He also minored in Chinese. Then he started his career in the Jewish Tombstone industry in the US. He has been traveling to Asia since 2006, and moved to Shanghai in 2013.  


Now, Thomas co-runs Olivar & Greb Capital — an SEC Financial Investment Company that advises expatriates and companies in Shanghai. In addition, his firm invests in domestic Chinese industries such as creative design, F&B, and rural development. To learn more about Thomas and O&G, visit: www.olivar-greb.com.

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