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A Mission for our Association with Sarah Wernimont

July 25, 2023 Jon Peterson / Sarah Wernimont Season 3 Episode 18
IB Matters
A Mission for our Association with Sarah Wernimont
Show Notes

In this episode we talk to our MN Assc of IB World Schools (MNIB) President, Sarah Wernimont, about the process we used this past year to develop our MNIB mission statement. You’ll hear it was a journey that I found challenging but very rewarding in the end. While we have just begun implementation of the new mission, we are both excited about the path that has been created by this work. I hope you can find pieces of this process useful to you whether you are in an IB Association yourself, or in a school or any other organization needing some direction as you plan your own future work.

The new MNIB mission: "We are courageous leaders supporting those in the IB community who are implementing IB programs, building connections, removing barriers, and creating systems that increase access for all.

By doing this, young people, families, and educators in the IB community will have a voice, engage in meaningful learning, cultivate their geniuses, and celebrate their successes."

Learn more on the MNIB Website There, you'll find some of the ideas our members generated while looking at this new mission.

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