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Talking DP, TOK & Ideas Roadshow with Irena and Howard Burton

August 27, 2019 Jon Peterson / Irena & Howard Burton Season 1 Episode 26
IB Matters
Talking DP, TOK & Ideas Roadshow with Irena and Howard Burton
Show Notes

Sometimes one good idea acts as a magnet for other good ideas. Such is the story told in this episode of IB Matters. We talk to Irena and Howard Burton who have taken an unconventional path to their work with the IB Diploma Programme.

They do not come to the IB as former Diploma Programme teachers or school leaders.

As filmmakers and academics from the areas of law and theoretical physics, they have been gathering video of leading thinkers and practitioners in a broad array of fields for many years. Eventually, their vast store of video resources led them to begin looking for a younger audience who might find this information useful. 

What they found, after looking at many high school programs of study across the world, was the IB. And, in particular, they were drawn to the Theory of Knowledge course.

In this episode, we hear how the TOK course drew the Burtons to the IB and led them to create video and print resources for 21 different IB subjects and for the core of the Diploma Programme. They have taken interviews with world-wide experts in many fields and distilled them into curated, understandable, and print-supported resources for IBDP students.

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