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Season Finale! Answers to Our Most Asked Questions and Faves of 2022
Season Finale! Answers to Our Most Asked Questions and Faves of 2022 48:59 The Holiday's: A Season of Traditions and Spending 37:50 Homeowners Disaster! Happy Thanksgiving, I have a Leak in My Ceiling 35:48 Boost For Our Heroes 15:05 Password Sharing to save $$$; Netflix Say's, No More 29:07 The Rise of Buy Now, Pay Later 35:47 The Crazy Amount of Money We Can Spend at the Airport 23:57 Warranties: Friend or Foe 32:29 The Influence Influencers Have on Us 37:07 Cashless Stadiums and Other Public Venues, A Good Thing? 29:46 Medical Bills - What Dr.'s Really Want Us to Understand with Dr. Virgie 57:06 From Royals to Dinners: ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ 31:15 3 Financial Topics Economists and Financial Coaches Disagree On 29:44 Does it Make Cent$ to Spend on Kids Birthday Parties? 28:39 Preparing your Child's for Real Life Expenses 33:15 The Great American Road Trip, and Unexpected Expenses to Look Out For 57:14 #146 Surprise Expenses: Homeownership Edition 33:06 #145 Lets Talk Money 24/7? No Thank You! 33:05 #144 Playing the Lottery? Smart Investment Strategy or Gambling? 23:54 #143 Are Single Use Water Bottles Worth the Money and Convenience? 32:58 #142 Card Declined! 17:12 #141 Do you Fall Prey to Retailers Holiday Marketing Calendar? 26:18 #140 The Financial Implications of Roe v. Wade Decision 32:03 #139 Crypto Currency Part 2 - Deep Dive into Crypto Currency with Paul Lim C.F.P. 42:42 #138 Cryptocurrency Part 1- The History of Money and Currency 21:01