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#112 Holiday Shopping Trends and Are they Here To Stay?
#112 Holiday Shopping Trends and Are they Here To Stay? 25:36 #111 Making the Decision to Move for Financial Freedom and Less Stress with Brad Pagano 42:12 #110 The Financial Realities of Divorce with San Diego Attorney, Jennifer Zachary 41:45 #109 Warning signs of Stress Due to Credit Card Debt and What to Do About It 25:24 #108 Ready to Get Married? It May Not Pay to Be Single 20:02 #107 Squid Game: What Did I Just Watch, and Why Do I Want to Avoid Debt More than Ever? 31:52 #106 Penny Wise & Dollar Foolish Episode: Household Repairs, DIY or hire a Professional??? 29:34 #105 Five Ways We Can Save Money Working From Home 34:27 #104 Can You Find Your Money Personality in “The Office?” 38:19 #103 How Do I Help My Children Establish Credit? 30:21 #102 Finances and Mental Health 29:13 #101 The Cost of the RSVP No Show 28:24 #100 TWTM 100 Episode - A journey from budgeting and Financial Infidelity to Pandemics and Life Altering News 43:42 #099 $hootin the Financial $h!t - Back to School Edition 30:04 #098 Cosigning for a Loan, Good Idea? 34:15 #097 Student Loan News and its Potential Impact 29:44 #096 Am I the A..hole? The tweet that made us react! 43:40 #095 Creating Your Own Path & Inclusion with Nora Ali 36:14 #094 Understanding ETF's and other 21st Century Investments with Kyle Woodley 42:27 #093 Financial Lessons We Learned From "Friends" Without Knowing It 38:56 #092 Shootin the Financial Sh!t: Sports and Entertainment, A Money Dump??? 34:55 #091 How Pop Culture Influences our Money Decisions 40:19 #090 Shootin the Financial $h!t- Can I spend $ on myself when I am in Debt? 37:15 #089 I Love You But I Can't Afford That 21:35 #088 Of Course I Will Be in Your Wedding! 34:24