Outerfocus 05 - Gustave le Gray (Gisele Duprez)

February 21, 2018 Episode 5
Outerfocus 05 - Gustave le Gray (Gisele Duprez)
Outerfocus 05 - Gustave le Gray (Gisele Duprez)
Feb 21, 2018 Episode 5
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This week we are joined by Gisele Duprez who is a street photographer based in New York. We discuss what Gisele likes to shoot, why, where and what she doesn’t like to shoot. We also hear about how she got started in photography including an insight into how she educated herself, and continues to do so with her love of photography books.

A look back at photography history we discuss Gustave Le Grey who is noted as one of the most important French photographers of the 19th century. We take a look at some of his highs, and lows in both his work and personal life. 

To finish this weeks episode Gisele joins us to look at the good and bad in the industry today and find out what Bradley has to say about Kodaks new product.


Gustave Le Gray

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