Outerfocus 04 - Julia Margaret Cameron (Kirk Mastin)

February 21, 2018 Episode 4
Outerfocus 04 - Julia Margaret Cameron (Kirk Mastin)
Outerfocus 04 - Julia Margaret Cameron (Kirk Mastin)
Feb 21, 2018 Episode 4
Show Notes

Welcome to the Outerfocus Podcast!

Ok, so I'm in a hotel room in London with a terrible cold, full of lemsip, painkillers and red wine trying not to die. I apologise for the coughs and sniffles. I was very brave though! Bradley is on his driveway in his car so as not to wake his son who has just had an operation and Kirk, well, Kirk is just fine and in high spirits. 

This week we are joined by, Kirk Mastin, who is the founder and CEO of Mastin Labs. Kirk discusses film photography in the digital age, his view on the photography industry today and how he went from wanting to be a National Geographic photographer as a youngster to shooting weddings.

Our history of photography segment looks back at the photographer Julia Margaret Cameron who in the 1860’s started her career at the good age of 48 after she acquired a camera from her daughter. We discuss Julia's approach and individual vision,  what was right and wrong for her, and how that relates to photography today.

Also, Kirk and Bradley look at what’s good in the industry today, touching on making books and prints, and social media users with 0 followers who produce great work.


Julia Margaret Cameron 


Steven Bollman, Almost True

Joel Meyerowitz, Cape Light

<--- Click on the book for purchase information

Photographers mentioned:

Annie Leibovitz 

Vivian Maier 

Gregory Crewdson 

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Mastin Labs 

Kirk Mastin

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