Doulos Theology

1689 Federalism

October 22, 2020 Christopher and Jeremiah Episode 9
Doulos Theology
1689 Federalism
Show Notes

In our final installment of our series on Covenant Theology, Chris lays out the basics of 1689 Federalism, the brand of Reformed Baptist Covenant theology which most closely follows the Second London Baptist Confession, and Jeremiah asks some questions and gives pushback.

Main content begins at 7:35

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Our Introduction to Covenant Theology:

All Scripture quotations are from the English Standard Version of the Bible

Resources - Baptist Covenant Theology:
Pascal Denault - The Distinctiveness of Baptist Covenant Theology
Samuel Renihan - The Mystery of Christ, His Covenant, & His Kingdom
Nehemiah Coxe/John Owen - Covenant Theology - From Adam to Christ

Resources - Presbyterian Covenant Theology
O. Palmer Robertson - Christ of the Covenants
J.V. Fesko - Word, Water, and Spirit
Guy Richard - Baptism: Questions to Common Questions

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