9. Sara Rickards: what it means to be a fuckgiver for the planet

June 26, 2019 Season 1 Episode 9
9. Sara Rickards: what it means to be a fuckgiver for the planet
9. Sara Rickards: what it means to be a fuckgiver for the planet
Jun 26, 2019 Season 1 Episode 9
Kim Klassen
Sara Rickards is a legend who helps people give a fuck about the planet and how to go about doing it.
Show Notes

Sara Rickards is a legend just like all the other fuckgivers she’s inspired around the world to get up and do something for the planet. (Yes there's swearing in this episode, so you might want earbuds if the kiddos are around.) From her youth growing up, with parents showing her you don’t have to do things like everyone else, Sara has worked with amazing institutions using her trainings as a biomedical scientist and environmental engineer. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • letting her career take her off her authentic path and how she got back on, better than ever
  • the two (soon 3!) organizations she's running: Fuckgiving - initiated with the biggest birthday celebration spanning 31 countries and 10,000 people to give a fuck for the planet instead of birthday presents. You can get a copy from her website! And Futuregiving her advanced iteration of the first, to not leave anyone behind and not have her emails bounce because of the fuck in it! lol! And recently, she's got a new business launching soon, Reunion 
  • the federal election in Australia in May 2019, and the amazing campaign her and other fuckgivers whipped up in minutes for a 3 week blitz leading up to the election. All opportunities were taken, including crashing a sustainability conference of 200 people and getting up on stage to announce that we all must #votefortheplanet.
  • writing books
  • and I got a new nickname that I confirmed, as Sara suggested, was an alliteration, lots of w's and k's. 

Sara is indeed a legend, and while I didn't publish the entire 3 hrs of our conversation, I think you'll enjoy this episode that inspires anyone to give a fuck, and I'm thinking that's you! 

Please rate, review, and share this episode as we need more good people to hear these stories and inspire them to give a fuck too!

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