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#37 Jon Macaskill US Navy Seal Commander - The Power of Mindfulness & Meditation

March 24, 2020 Steven Goldstein & Mark Randall with Jon Macaskill Season 1 Episode 37
The AlphaMind Podcast
#37 Jon Macaskill US Navy Seal Commander - The Power of Mindfulness & Meditation
Show Notes

Mindfulness and meditation can be enormously powerful when engaged in financial markets. These practices have the ability to weaponize the mind for optimal performance whilst creating a robust and resilient suit of armour against the doubts and uncertainties induced by volatile and uncertain financial markets. 

In this conversation, the show hosts Steve Goldstein and Mark Randall explore these activities, digging deep into how and why they can be so powerful with US Navy Seal Commander, Jon Macaskill.

Jon is a serving US Navy officer who practices and teaches mindfulness and meditation. He is currently transitioning out of the US Navy and whilst doing so, is working on a project called Veterans PATH, which seeks to teach these powerful techniques to US Navy Veterans to equip and empower them in their future lives. 

Jon has worked in the most stressful, complex and anxiety inducing environments one can imagine. These include multiple tours of Iraq and Afghanistan leading military teams and coordinating with various other teams and units all whilst potentially being responsible for the lives of others and the success of operations.  

Jon came to mindfulness and meditation as a way of dealing with the stress, anxiety and depression which resulted from his high wire military life. After some initial doubts and reservations, it proved profound in transforming his life, and improving his performance. 

Many people in the financial markets now practice these techniques including some of the world’s leading traders and investors. However, many still feel uncomfortable with the concept, which seems out of odds with the testosterone fuelled world of trading and investment. 

Hearing Jon’s story and reflections will give many ‘pause for thought’ and may influence them in ways which could have a profound impact on how they work and manage themselves in their risk-taking activities.

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