Whitley Penn Talks
WP Cares: Moncrief Cancer Institute
WP Cares: Moncrief Cancer Institute 20:15 WP Educates: Mineral & Asset Management with Jason Fitzgerald, Manager 21:42 M&A Strategies: Investing in a Quality of Earnings 39:42 CAAS Matters: Uncovering Insights & Perspectives featuring Irfan Dossani, Partner-in-Charge of CAAS 19:42 Leaning into Your Career with Tabatha Coffey, Tax Partner 24:00 Do Your Best Every Day with Jackson Jones, Audit Senior Manager 37:34 WP Educates – Nonprofit Series with Public Sector Audit Partner, Celina Cereceres 39:00 Developing the NextGen-eration of Leaders with Brandon Russ, WPWealth Senior Advisor 20:04 Intentional Growth with Aaron Heimbuch, Audit Senior Manager 24:06 Embracing New Opportunities with Evan Green, Audit Senior Manager 51:29 The Value of Maintaining Relationships with Brett Murphy, Audit Partner 51:02 Developing a Growth Mindset with Felix Lozano, Chief Growth Officer 44:14 WP Cares: Jamey Ice 36:32 How Can the ERC Help Your Business? 5:51 Developing a Career-Life Balance with Joe Lavis, Tax Partner 32:40 WP Cares: Helping Restore Ability 36:20 Myth Busters: Debunking the IRS with Bill Wilson, former IRS Revenue Agent 34:53 WP Financial Series: Insurance 20:02 State of the Economy: 2021 Wrap-Up 27:09 The Cyber Guys: Security & Privacy 22:41 The Cyber Guys: Navigating Cybersecurity Careers 19:51 Energy Executive Profile #12: Jamie Liang, Blackbuck Resources 54:28 The Cyber Guys: Social Engineering and Phishing 16:15 Making Your Career Count with Cole Elliot, Tax Senior Manager 38:46 ESG Investing 41:12