The Tao of Christ

Christian Nonduality - Self-Inquiry

May 13, 2019 Marshall Davis
The Tao of Christ
Christian Nonduality - Self-Inquiry
Show Notes

"It is not I who live but Christ who lives in me." - Apostle Paul

In this episode I continue reading from my 2013 book “Experiencing God Directly: The Way of Christian Nonduality.” Chapter 3 Self-Inquiry

Before one can seek God, one must know who it is who seeks God. When one knows oneself, everything else becomes clearer. Discovery of our true nature opens our eyes to the true nature of God and the world. 

In this episode of the book “Experiencing God Directly” I explore the differences between the traditional dualistic concept of human nature (derived from Greek philosophy and imported into Christianity) and the holistic concept found in the Christian scriptures and experienced in nondualistic Christianity. Section headings include: “The Cross of Christ as the Door to the Real” and “The Role of Faith.” 

Popular highlights: 

“The spiritual quest is to realize through direct experience who we really are and who God really is.”

“Humans have mistaken their psyches for their real self, and consequently remade God in their own image. Man’s self pictures God as a supreme Personal Self. Man’s mind imagines God as Divine Intellect. God is seen as Super Man. As Rousseau said, "God created man in his own image. And man, being a gentleman, returned the favor."  God made man as spirit in his own image as Spirit. But man has mistaken himself to be psyche and reimagined God as a Super Psyche. That religious image of God as a Big Self is no more real than the human psyche it was patterned after. It is nothing more than an idol. Consequently most theistic worship is little more than idolatry, the worship of man’s own persona projected upon the fabric of the universe.”

“The way of salvation is the death of the self and the release of the spirit.”

“Spiritual inquiry is the search to discover our real self and the Real God.”