Destroy Target Permanent

Checking In On The Formats

March 11, 2020 Jeremy/James Season 1 Episode 45
Destroy Target Permanent
Checking In On The Formats
Show Notes

We wanted to take this time to take a look at each of the more popularly played formats that Magic has to offer. We discuss the look of Standard, Modern and Pioneer and speculate on what cards could be banned in each format. DTP5

FNM Recap

James - Jeskai Fires (3-1)

  • Rd 1 - Mike-Azorius Control (0-2)
  • Rd 2 - TJ-Mono Black Devotion (2-0)
  • Rd 3 - Helen-Abzan Bogles (2-0)
  • Rd 4 - Tom-Rakdos Knights (2-1)

Decks for FNM:

James - Jund Sacrifice

Jeremy - Sultai Cauldron


Format lookin

  • Current 
  • Future

Format bannings 

  • Speculation 
  • Personal choice


  • Davriel - Colin Farrell (Oney); Adam Driver (Alex); Matt Ryan (James); 

Planeswalker Playlist

  • Davriel - Tea for One-Led Zeppelin (Jeremy); In the Shadows-The Rasmus (Oney); When Darkness Falls-Killswitch Engage (Alex); Let Me In-Code Orange (James); 

Good Luck, I Hope You Lose!