A Fork In Time: The Alternate History Podcast

Episode 0164—Eisenhower Extended (Part 1)

November 04, 2022 A Fork In Time Episode 164
A Fork In Time: The Alternate History Podcast
Episode 0164—Eisenhower Extended (Part 1)
Show Notes

Episode #153 ("Ike Wiped") led the team to several possible paths on an alternative timeline where President Eisenhower died from a 1955 heart attack.  We decided at the end of that episode we would have to circle back and revisit some of them.
While some of the original team could not be part of this episode, Don and Chris are joined by guest Dylan Holzemer for the first of these extensions of the thought.  This one focuses on domestic issues, and a subsequent one will look at foreign policy from 1960 forward under this fork.

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