David Bornancin Unscripted

It's not my Problem

October 27, 2021 David Bornancin Season 4 Episode 2
David Bornancin Unscripted
It's not my Problem
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"It's not my Problem" 

And that's the problem right there.  To many people think their life is all about them, yet others are asking for help.  Find out what the real messaging in the new Episode is all about and where do you fit into it.

Some will understand while other will say, no way it's not my problem and ask someone else.

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 It’s Not my Problem

Hello and thank you all for reading this latest post.

I’m not even going to waste time and set this topic up with a lead in. It’s not our problem and that’s the problem right there. Everyone has a busy life and career and we all have family issues and other things going on if not for money, budgets, medical, jobs, cars, homes and kids we would never stop and enjoy a breathe of air.

But stop and think for one second, “It’s not my Problem” attitude will destroy you in every-way possible. When did we all stop caring about people and issues. When did we become so great that nothing else matters. When did we sell out our souls and say don’t ask me or even think about needing my Help.

What happened to many people out in the world that think that this life we are given comes with no responsibilities and is given to us for free. It’s an interesting topic and I’m extremely passionate about it. All my life I live in this world and I try to help people with my skills. It might be with my computer skills, my coaching, my fixing things, my writing skills or even something simple. I was granted and gifted with maybe 50 super good skills in so many areas of life and in work that I use them to help others. Now can I help the entire world no but can I help one person every day or week yes. People not material things, not more cars and houses, not more vacations, not more stuff or more may offer you something in this life that can’t be given or granted. 

It’s not my Problem I have heard this enough as we all need to do a better job of. As an example, just the other day I came outside of my place and a woman and child came up to me and said yet I’m just moving into this building and new place and can I ask you some questions. Now I’m in a hurry and was not really wanting to address this at that second but I stopped and listened. The woman asked about a Cable, Modem, Router set of questions and wanted to know what to do with all of it. By now I answered all the questions and was truly polite and caring and then went on my busy day. After later that night I was thinking back at the moment and I could have Helped this woman and child even more if I wanted to by installing the equipment for her.

My point is even I at times are not always looking at the big picture and giving and helping people more. I did not take it’s not my problem approach but I could have done more. Don’t think your life is made of just you and your family. Don’t think in the end it’s all about you because we all need to do a better job and provide help to others in need.

When you have intense great skills and can at times provide others with help and asking nothing in return do it, it’s the right thing to do. Don’t be the person who said let others deal with that. There a fine moment in ones life which offers you a chance to do something great, jump in and do it. It will change you forever and it is a blessing not a curse.

People are what Matters not “It’s not my Problem”

I hope you all enjoy reading this Post and please let me know what you are thinking and if you have any questions. I have always lived by some rules, treat people with respect always and never think you are better then anyone else in the world around you.