Homespun Haints

Episode 35: The Bathtub of Bones

July 27, 2020 Becky Kilimnik and Diana Doty, with guest Miranda Young Season 2 Episode 15
Homespun Haints
Episode 35: The Bathtub of Bones
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Every town has its ghost story, and today we speak with a woman who looks for those local legends and folklore, and explores the places where the legends took place. Meet Miranda Young, Ghost Biker, paranormal investigator and founder of Ghost Biker Investigations.

In this episode, we sit down with Miranda as she tells us of the time she investigated a home containing a bathtub where something very nefarious took place. It ties in with a local, grisly legend that co-host Becky grew up hearing. And, the investigation took a much more sinister turn than Miranda could ever have imagined.

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[00:00:00] Becky: Hello, everybody. Welcome to Homespun Haints. I'm Becky. 

Diana: And I'm Diana

Becky: And today on the show we have Miranda the Ghost Biker. 

Miranda Young is a paranormal investigator and founder of Ghost Biker Explorations. 

You can find out more about her and watch some of her investigations at 

Welcome to the show Miranda. Tell us a little bit about where you're located.

Miranda: Thank you so much  for having me on.    I'm in Tennessee, actually.

Becky: Oh, very cool. Tell me what part  of Tennessee you're in.

Miranda: I'm from Northeast Tennessee, but I'm down around the Chattanooga area,

Becky: Okay.  I'm from Kingsport.

It's so cool to find another East Tennesseean, 'cause it's just a unique part of the country. 

Miranda: It really is. You get such a variety. I mean, it's very mountainous there on, on the East side and then it just, all of a sudden just goes flat right there in the middle   Just such a variety of, of hauntings and a different type of activity.

Becky: We have so many ghosts there. It's [00:01:00] unbelievable. Everybody asks me how I got into this. And I'm like, I think it's because of where I grew up. 

Miranda: I think so,   My grandma played a big part in my life  as far as getting me into this,   To listen to her tell stories,  of Appalachian haints and,  just some of the mountain magic and that sort of thing. So she, she really kind of got me interested in it from a very young age, listening to her, tell stories.

Becky: We know you through Kristy Sumner of Soul Sisters Paranormal and I understand that you guys have done a lot of,  investigations together 

Miranda: Yeah. We actually met through the paranormal.

Becky: Oh, very cool. Yeah. She has some amazing things to talk about, being on investigations with you. It sounds like you are a little bit sensitive maybe to some of these things.

Miranda: A little bit,   I've always sort of had an interest in the paranormal and I do something a little different sometimes on my investigations, I will actually go in and I will see things and do different drawings. Every now and then I'll, I'll be on an investigation.

And, you [00:02:00] know, if I can kind of get myself centered and focused, I'll start to, to see things. It's, it's never really just a full person. It's more features kind of like, kind eyes are high cheek bones or,  a beard, or maybe I won't see something like, like hair and through asking questions and verifying it with different, tools and pieces of equipment that I have there, I'm able to determine maybe that they're wearing a hat. And so what I'll do is I'll sit down and write, just start drawing almost kind of like  free writing,  or automatic writing. It's more of an automatic drawing. And I've actually been able to match up, three different,  people on investigations , out of the six that I've done, been able to match three up.

Becky: Whoa.

That is so cool.

Miranda: It's kind of different. And it started, I've always been an artist, drawn all my life and started on a couple of different investigations, back in 2018 when I was investigating with the [00:03:00] team. If I went off by myself and would just kind of sit there, you know, sort of with either white noise or, maybe the spirit box going, I just would start to see things like just different features. And so I got to thinking about it and thought, you know, what, on that, try drawing this. 

And so went in, tested it out on a couple of places.  I'm still trying to really hone this in and, and really figure out how to use it in exactly what I'm doing.   

I was drawing down in the downstairs kitchen area, at Octagon Hall in Franklin, Kentucky. I like to always have  different pieces of equipment. Like my EDI box, a K-II meter,  just several different items it's kind of easy for them to manipulate. And as I start to see things, I'll start asking questions. I  try to just kind of have a casual conversation like you would do during an EVP session.

 So started asking these questions and I started seeing high cheek bones. I started seeing  kind [00:04:00] of a thick area under the eyes and, just real,  kind features. So kept drawing-- the session went on for probably about 45 minutes and I'm doing this in the dark. And most times I don't even know if it's male or female as I start. as I'm drawing this individual, It starts to take the shape of a man. And so I'm asking questions, you know, do you have a beard and the equipment starts lighting up?

Yes. And so just start drawing it and yeah. Yeah. And it's just, it, it just sort of happens the shape of the beard, the shading of it. It got to the point, I couldn't, I couldn't see the hair and, I started asking about, you know, are you wearing a hat? And so I was getting, getting feedback on that. And as I was drawing the hat, it was sort of almost like a floppy fishermen's top hat.

And I thought, what I'll do the next day, because this was a two night investigation. I thought I'll come in and spend some time before  [00:05:00] the second night talking to the people who run the home, see if they've got any pictures or, or if, if it rings a bell. So leave out that morning, about six o'clock come back the next day, about three, as the building is closing down to the public.

And, the guy who was the leader of the team called me out and said, "there's somebody, I want you to meet. You're gonna want to see this." 

And so I go out to meet this guy and I had drawn the guy that, uh, I was meeting.

Diana: What?

Miranda: Yes,

Becky: Wait like a living person.

Miranda: A living person. Yeah.

Diana: Did you show it to him? What did he say?

Miranda: I did so, so, uh, and he was actually wearing that same hat. It was, It was, down to the buttons and he had the little specks of gray in his beard. He had the same wrinkles in his eyes. Now, mind you, the drawing is a little bit rough because I am drawing it. In the dark, but I've actually got pictures of standing there [00:06:00] holding the picture beside him.

 He actually works there and, he's one of the home team members.

So he spends days there. We don't know if this was potentially a doppelganger type situation. but I know I had the conversation with the spirits when I went in by saying,  I'm, I'm new at this. I want to draw something that is identifiable. And so. He has a real good relationship with the spirits that are there in the home.

So maybe they were showing him because it was something that I could identify with.

Becky: Whoa. Now, had you ever met him before?

Miranda: I had never met him before.

Becky: Okay. And you are about, you know, when you're talking about photos hanging in the house, of course, I was thinking, oh, maybe it's an old person you saw and it's subconscious, but that throws that out the window.

Miranda: Yeah. Yeah.

Becky: So where does the name Ghost Biker Explorations come from? You're on a motorcycle, right?

[00:07:00] Miranda: I am. I am I like to travel to my investigations on my motorcycle. I'd started with the team back in 2013 and we investigated a lot of different commercial and, and private residences. I found that a lot of the time, when I wasn't investigating with them, I was kind of going out on my own when I would go out on my motorcycle.

I was like, I was out taking photos and visiting different locations that maybe people had either heard about, or, seen pictures of it just really didn't know the history of. And so I started putting all of that on, on my social media and people were saying, why don't you document this and tell the stories behind it.

What's better than riding your motorcycle to an investigation or to a location? Maybe someone would want to watch that. So I hooked up with my friend, who's a videographer and he follows me on some of the investigations and then some of them I film, vlog style.  I was doing it so much that I had to step away from the team [00:08:00] because  I just couldn't devote a hundred percent to that. So that's kind of how Ghost Biker was born. I, get a bunch of episodes together, release them, on a schedule. And, that way people can expect it come October while I like to say, you know, keep them, like a woman's skirt long enough to cover the important parts, but short enough to still keep your interest.

Becky: I like that.

Miranda: Yeah, which are around 20 to 40 minutes, as far as the episodes go. And I cover the travel, the story as to why I'm there and then the investigation. 

Becky: You've got such a unique perspective and unique way of doing it. 

Miranda:  I often say that if you look at a map and close your eyes, you can't put your finger on a spot that doesn't have a local story. Some of these stories may be very popular and known. Nationwide or even worldwide. And some of them are just known within that little region or that little town. 

For instance, Charleston, Tennessee. Charleston has a very rich [00:09:00] history because it's where the Trail of Tears started. Fort Cass is there. And, there's. a church there that was also used as a, Civil War hospital. And, and then, also the story that I told was the ghost on the tracks.

There's an area where a ghost can be seen on a stormy night and also a phantom train can be seen. 

Becky: I think I've  heard this story.

Miranda: Yeah. Yeah. So, so it's actually,  the, the ghost is supposed to be a monk who had perished. 

Becky: I love this story. Yes. 

I want to make sure that I remember the story correctly cause I, this was, this was one of my favorite childhood stories growing up. Shows you what kind of a childhood I had. So anyway, so, so the way, the way I remember the story is that, the monk was on the train and it crashed in this area near Cleveland.

And, there was a monk on the train and they [00:10:00] could never find his body. And, he had family members that came looking for him and, they, they. They never found him. But strangely a doctor's office nearby--a doctor that had always wanted to have a skeleton in his office--he suddenly was able to acquire one. 

Now, I also remember the story being this particular office ended up being haunted and they actually found the monk's cowl and rosary it. It was in the wall of the building.

Miranda: Yes.  They've since torn that building down. It's no longer there, but the site is, and when this doctor left, another doctor had taken over. So he was the one, he was seeing the apparition hearing the clicking of the rosary beads,

Yes. We actually covered that in Episode [00:11:00] 2, Season 1, and we were able to investigate, did a lot of research, found where the train wreck supposedly occurred and went in and investigated the actual location where that had happened.

We took it a step further. And I was actually able to locate someone who owned the alleged tub, where the monk had had his skin stripped from his body. 

Becky: I love this story.

Miranda: Yes, it, you know, that's probably my favorite one because it is such a, such a twisted story. So the tub is actually located in a home. I won't say the exact location, but it's between Cleveland and Charleston.

'Cause the homeowner wanted us to keep that kind of private, but it was in an abandoned home. The home had been abandoned for about 12 years. The lady was using it as a rental property. She's an elderly lady. Was using it as a rental property and the lady who had rented it from her, [00:12:00] she actually ended up being a hoarder.

So they kicked her out of the home, and it sat empty for between 10 to 12 years. And she was kind of using it, had a few things in there and also had, yeah, that tub.  It was myself and my videographer. We went into the home, and did a full scale investigation on the tub.

 We were actually filming the investigation and then we were also filming the B-roll, and the intro to that episode. We kept getting so much activity from upstairs at that house. it was a split level home.  And the tub was downstairs in the basement, so I went upstairs. Put some different devices, put a recorder up there and also put a rem-pod just so I would have something that could give me an alarm if there was any type of activity occurring.

And so I'm sitting downstairs recording my intro. And that rem-pod starts going off. Now. I don't have a lot of luck with [00:13:00] rem-pods, stuff just really just doesn't set it off very much, but we were getting a lot of fluctuations in temperature and just, just a raging alarm going off on that thing.  So we would go out and check and we would also hear what sounded like something being drug across the floor.

We weren't able to actually do this recording, without having to stop because we kept getting interrupted by what was going on upstairs. Yeah. And we also, we ended up catching what looks like an apparition looking in the window. While we were recording that.   Because we were getting so much activity, I went up and I called the homeowner to say, okay, what's going on here?

You know, you didn't tell us that there was potentially activity in the home. And so we didn't know if we were actually getting activity in the home from the tub, or if the activity we were getting from the tub was something that was coming from the [00:14:00] house.  This house actually ended up completely changing our whole season, mid-season.

This turned out to be a paranormal investigator's honey hole. And we actually, we actually, this ended up being a full scale, one year, case for us. We, we kept going back. The homeowner gave us access. So when I spoke to the homeowner, she was telling us, yes, she had had activity there when she actually lived there.

They were the second homeowners and her and her two daughters had lived there, as well as  her first and second husband. Her first husband had passed away, but he did not pass away on the property. Her second husband actually ended up having a heart attack and passing away in the bathroom and, you could feel when you would go in that bathroom, you could actually feel a tightness in your chest.

We got so much activity from that bathroom,  that it was, [00:15:00] it was almost unbelievable. The homeowner said after her husband, her second husband had passed, she actually got thrown out of the bathroom. There were individuals in the living room who saw her actually get her skirt lifted up and pushed out of the bathroom.

So it was a rather violent entity that, that was in there. We think that it was probably mimicking her husband, which I'll get to that in a second as to why we think that. So, so the second husband had passed away in there and also one of the renters had passed away.

She had a chronic lung disorder, ended up going into hospice and, had a hospital bed in the living room. And as soon as we walked into that room, into that house, we were actually getting labored breathing. And coughing sounds. I really learned from this house that it's like before you walk into a location, always [00:16:00] start your recorders because you just, you just never know what you're going to miss.

I always have that camera going, always have the recorders going. And this house really proved that because as you would get close to the house, you could just feel the intensity.   We had a door slam on us there, actually had a door slam twice. And one of the times we were fortunate enough to actually catch that on camera.

what they believe had started all of this was, and, you know, different people have different beliefs on Ouija boards and such, but apparently the two young daughters had been playing with them and,  some different things had happened and the mother ended up destroying.

And so she destroyed it on the property and apparently didn't destroy it correctly. So, so we were getting activity from where the, board was destroyed. And then also with, within the home and a lot of it seemed to be negative. And over the course of this year, [00:17:00] we found that there were at least five spirits in that home. And one of the coolest things about this, of it being a full scale, year long case for us was that night after we had had the activity in the home, I did a mini investigation. 

I didn't have all my equipment there because we were, investigating the tub.  The house had no electricity or anything. So I ended up calling one of my best friendswho's an investigator. She came out . We came back on a different night. We did  smoke bombs in the basement to test for portals. 

'Cause apparently. 

Diana: Wait, what?

Miranda: So one of the theories is, is if there's a portal in a location, if you have fog or smoke, you can supposedly see it. It will create like a little funnel-type, type look. Or create different activity through the smoke or the fog while there was no electricity. So, [00:18:00] smoke bombs in there and, had cameras up.

We did catch,  something, it kind of looked like a, a figure on the camera walking through. But, I mean, it's kind of hard to tell. We, we leave that, you know, we leave that up to the audience's interpretation. We just kind of put it out. We document, you decide, sort of thing. But what this led to is we did our third and fourth episode and our season finale we actually did from this home.

And the intention was not so much to let this, this home take over the entire season, but we just sorta couldn't help it because we were getting so much activity from it. 

   We  couldn't get the homeowner to actually go to the home because, she just wouldn't go over there. It was, it was empty and, we were playing for her, the different stuff that we were capturing during these investigations to see if she recognized any voices or anything. [00:19:00] And, we asked her if she would mind recording her voice and asking specific questions because she believed that the entity that was in the bathroom was her deceased husband, Bud, since that was where he had passed.

And then I recorded a bunch of questions.  Now I don't, I don't typically get scared when I go to a lot of places.   I've been uneasy.   But this house is truly one with the intensity of the activity that, that really creeped me out. 

  That specific night, I did a call out to the different people who follow the show. I said, "okay, I want you guys to send me questions. We're going to record your questions that you have. And I'm going to go live tonight for a 15 minute live."  We recorded those questions. I go online and, what was supposed to be a 15 minute live, ended up being an hour and a half.  And it's probably the most active, most terrified that I have I've ever been.   [00:20:00]We were able to capture it all, which, which is crazy because we had a, a demonologist who was on there.

  We also had several, mediums who had tuned in as well.   We go on    we got intense growls. 

 We had a door slam on us on the live. 

We were trying to shut the live down and it was like, it was trying to distract us so that we couldn't actually close it down.  I would be standing there talking and we would start getting activity in the bathroom behind us, just lights flickering. And so then we would turn and address it.

And as we were addressing it, it would start, answering our questions on command. So after,  we shut the cameras down, I go in and I'm setting everything up on  all the cameras cause we had, I think, five cameras and then we left flashlights. We left [00:21:00] bells, we left different things so that they could actually manipulate it through the night while these questions were going off.

And when I went in into the bathroom, we actually got where it said,    Miranda.  We audibly heard that. Now, I didn't hear this next part, which is probably a good thing, but we've got "Miranda" and then it said "you're going to die. "

Diana: I'm glad you didn't hear that.

Miranda: I am too. I am too.   but I got to feeling really dizzy and really nauseous.

And, as I was setting up the camera, I couldn't hold onto anything. It was like, stuff was getting pushed off the shelf. And I had it sitting on the window seal. And so the camera, the external battery that's with it. As soon as it said it, it falls off the shelf. And I had to actually sit down because it just felt like the room was closing in on me.

 My videographer who is not a [00:22:00] paranormal investigator,  we have a really good rapport and I've often told him,  "if you see anything or notice anything uncharacteristic about me, get me out of there and I'll do the same for you."

And so the whole time he's like, "we really need to go. We've got to get out of here." And I just wanted to: "well just one more thing. Let me, let me just set this up. Let me make sure on this." He's finally like "Miranda. We've got to go."  so, we set the recorder up and start the homeowner's voice. And as soon as we start the homeowners voice, the floor starts vibrating under me.

I've never had, yeah, I've never had the floor start shaking and the. EDI starts going off, which as, as most of your listeners will know the EDI box, it has to actually physically be touched to make the vibration sensor go off. It just won't go. So that's going off. All the flashlights--we have [00:23:00] flashlights downstairs, flashlights in the kitchen, flashlights on the second floor.

They're all going off when that homeowner's voice starts playing and, I still get chills when I think about it, because I just remember when we left there, We get out into the car. And so we were doing our prayer for protection and I mean, just praying so hard. And I remember looking up and cause at this point I wasn't on the bike that night I was in a Jeep because I thought it's best in this type situation not to, not to get on the bike.  We were in the Jeep and we look up and you could see all the lights, the it's like the house just. It's like it had a rave or something going on inside with everything flashing. And it's just, it was so creepy and so intense.  the next night, when we went back to pick everything up,  it was getting dark early or earlier. And, we had to go in after [00:24:00] dark after work. And I just had this such an intense, creepy feeling after hearing and seeing all of that. We went in and we had decided when we went in, we weren't going to acknowledge it, that we were gonna set everything up, but we were--because it was so used to us going in and just acknowledging it. I've had my name called in that location. So many times I've never had it called anywhere else, other than one place, but it's like, it got to know us because we were going in there so much. so we had decided on different tactics. We're not going to acknowledge it. And once we got in there, It was like, you could just feel this intense, like it was upset, you know, like like we had fooled it, you know, by playing the voice and, not actually, having anyone in there.

we were gathering everything up and as we came back upstairs, the door was cracked open. And we had closed [00:25:00] the store because it's, it's not in the greatest of, of areas. And so we're always real particular when we go into to get stuff that we lock up as we go in, it was trying so hard to get us to pay attention.

It was pulling my hair. I had a little scratch on my cheek while I was standing there talking that you could just see the, just a little scratch.   When we go upstairs and see the door open, it actually slams the door. And so we're trying to now you'll, you'll see in the video where I'm kind of communicating with my videographer of just like, "Oh shit, what, what is this?"

  but really trying not to get flustered or rattled until we actually leave the house.  cause by this point it's actually physically moving things   We  went back to our studio there and, we called the homeowner and was talking to her and what's really crazy about the [00:26:00] whole thing is the homeowner really wanted to go to the house.

we didn't really think that was a good idea at this point,  she had not shown any interest in going before, but we were worried that, by her going to the home and trying to, cause she was wanting to actually physically communicate with it. we thought. This is probably not, not a great idea.

so we told her to wait a little bit, and let things kind of calm down and see what happens.  I had gone to  a ParaCon and was speaking at it a few weeks after this and met a demonologist. He just happened to be at a table beside a mine. 

So we were having this conversation. He asked me, he was like, "have you been dealing with anything, very strange or odd."  I'm the type of person. I'm not very quick to label anything demonic or negative. I mean, it's out there,   sometimes we encounter it.  sometimes it's just a [00:27:00] spirit that's just really aggressive  

 I had this real intense case that was just intense, but kind of left it at that. About a week after  talking to the demonologist, I ended up getting a call from the,homeowner and she was actually wanting the house to be cleaned,  because she was wanting to start renting this home out.

So just out of the blue, where the house had been dormant for 10 to 12 years, she's now wanting to rent it.   That's outside of my comfort level. I've never smudged or cleaned the house or blessed a home or anything like that.  so I contacted the demonologist  and, he actually came up, he allowed us to film and we did a full scale home liberation, and now there's been people living in the house and, uh, they've been living in it, I guess, for, uh, almost [00:28:00] I guess, about eight months now.

And they've had no activity,

Diana: Oh, good.

Miranda: It is insane because that's the most intense and the most creeped out I've ever been. And, and I often will sleep at a lot of these different locations that I go to. And that was one of the different, that was one of the different, things I was actually gonna do. And I'm really glad I didn't because, after it was threatening me and, and calling out, I realized it was, it was time to really pull back. Because it just seemed like it was sort of calling, uh, any opportunity, you know, this was in between other investigations, but in between any opportunity that I would get, I would want to go to that house and, and try something, you know?

So yeah. It almost became a obsession. 

Becky: Right. Well, sure. That's what it wanted. 

Miranda: Yeah. Yeah. 

Becky: It makes you [00:29:00] wonder where all that stuff went.

Diana: Right? That's what I was going to say. Where did it go?

Miranda: That's that's been my question. because it's like, how does it. Just go, you know?  the answer that the demonologist gave me was he said, I mean, I, I'm not Catholic. So, it was really interesting to be a part of that process. he said they just, they just, they go, they're commanded to leave.

They just go away . 

What was interesting about that is the homeowner really wanted to go to that house after she had decided to get rid of, she really wanted to go to the house before the demonologist came up. And I think personally from my beliefs that it was something calling out to her because if she went in there and if it was acting like it was her husband, then she might want to call the whole thing off.   So, so we documented the process and it [00:30:00] ended up, we were there for about 10 hours. So it was going to be myself and my videographer and then the three of them. And he told us we needed to make sure we were all prayed up before the home liberation.

Hollywood--the way they sensationalize everything, and from what you see on TV, it's kind of like, what are we going to encounter when we go into this house?  We did our prayers and everything and felt like we were ready before this, this, uh, home liberation.

And I get a call at work on my work phone line. It's a message. And it's from the, National Center of Prayer. Now, this demonologist didn't know where I worked. And it was a recording that said, "if you feel you are in urgent need of prayer, please press whatever number and we'll get you in contact with someone."

I didn't recognize the numbers. So. I didn't answer the [00:31:00] call. And so here I have this recording on my voicemail and I get a call later that day for my videographer. And he had the same call. He actually picked up the phone. Now, again,  people can say. Maybe the demonologist called something in, or nobody knew we were doing this home liberation and the third girl who came, she actually got a call after the home liberation.

She got it on her home phone line and it's an unpublished number. So it was very weird.

I mean, I'm very happy that that house is, is done. Um, because it really, it really took a toll. And like I said is probably the most creepiest and intense. And, and we do have a lot of that documented on video throughout the season. It took up a lot of season one and it took up a lot of season two, and you can watch all you want, but nothing comes close to the [00:32:00] way you actually feel. when you're in those personal experiences and the people being able to see on the live. They were pretty scared for us,  'cause I've never had anything play out before mine, as you know, the, this entity, the main entity that was in this home.

A lot of the time when you pull your camera out or pull recording devices, they'll want to, they'll want to scatter and not  really interact so much. This one, it seemed like it, it thrived on the attention and wanted more. And so when we didn't pay it that attention, it would just get even more aggressive and it just kept escalating and in activity, which is something unlike what we've ever experienced. 

Becky: So I have to ask since this all, started by the tub. Was the monk one of the entities, do you know? 

Miranda: We believe the monk was one of the entities. And we think, just from the [00:33:00] way everything was behaving, we believe that it was more of a protector. Out of the five spirits that were there, this one in particular, I would always have a lot of stuff go on behind me.

And I know from, if you look at like the, the history of a monk during that time, a lot of the time they would not stand in front of a female. Or look upon a female. So it made sense being behind. And it just always sort of seemed like there was a battle going on between the two entities. The main one that we think was a negative entity.

I believe that he was kind of holding some of the others hostage. They're not letting them speak, not letting them really interact.  You could tell there was, there was clearly differences in the activity that we were getting the monk. If you'll go back and look at, Episode 2 in Season 1, [00:34:00] what we get in the window.

Becky: I was going to ask about that. Is it like a cowl?

Miranda: Yes. You can actually see what's pretty crazy about it is we had candles going. And the only reason I actually saw this was I was going back. Someone have had passed the house. It was, close to midnight, someone them out on the road and they were wearing all black. Walking on the road. And so, yeah. And so I remember making the comment while we were filming, being like, I see a person out there.

I hope that's a real person that I'm seeing.   I was going back and looking at the shots  I was actually looking for that specific, piece that had happened and I think it was like seven or eight minutes after I walked past the window.

And, what's there in the window is a reflection of something standing there looking out. So what we're seeing is not something [00:35:00] looking in because there's candles in the window and the reflection, 

he's behind that candle. If that makes sense.

Becky: I just got chills.

Miranda: Yeah, it was, as soon as we saw it, we were like, "what is this?  If you look at it, we've actually zoomed in and paused that.

And on the page, we've actually also got some footage of the still shots. It looks like there's either like, sort of a, a robe over the top or like a heavier robe around the, around the neck.   I do believe myself that one of the entities was, was a monk. 

we actually used rosary as trigger items. And so when we were using those trigger items, we, ended up getting some crazy activity.


That's weird. 

Becky: yeah. Is that coming?

Miranda: That's coming from my door. 

Becky: Is [00:36:00] something trying to get in? Are we catching some activity on  our podcast.

Miranda: It's just me here. So I don't know what that is. 

Becky: well maybe we know where one of those entities went.

Miranda: Right? 

Becky: This is recording, 

Miranda: right? Want to make sure 

Becky: getting this.

Miranda: Exactly. 

let me see what--sorry. 

Becky: No, it's It's fascinating.

Diana: Do you have a cat scratching to get in or something? 

Miranda: No not really sure what--what that is.

Becky: Ooh. Okay. We'll see if anything else happens.  So, the monk was stripped of his flesh in this tub, by the doctor. How did this tub become acquired by the hoarder? Did she like buy it at a garage sale? Do you know the story behind that?  

Miranda: It wasn't the hoarder who had acquired it. It was the lady who owns the home and, uh, [00:37:00] yeah, the lady-- 

Oh, I'm 

Becky: just going to get in the bath tub where a monk's bones were stripped down. I mean, gosh,

Miranda: Apparently she had bought it from, and I always say alleged, just because you never know. But, she had bought it from that doctor's family's estate sale.

Becky: Oh, okay.

Miranda: Where she had purchased it from.

Becky: Did she know the history of it?

Miranda: Apparently whenever she got it. So a little little morbid fascination there, I guess

Becky: would not want that in my home.

Miranda: it's a very cool looking tub.

Becky: I'm sure it's gorgeous! 

Miranda: Yeah, it's got  claw foot on it. And, yeah, it was one of those where, we were really lucky. And so when I went in, I was kind of like, ah, you know, at least it's gonna make for an interesting story, whether it is or not, I was not expecting to get as much activity as we did.   like I said before, I don't know if it was the house was causing an increase in the activity, or if the tub was sort of, [00:38:00]  bringing the activity into the home.  That was just, just fascinating. It couldn't have been in a cooler location.

Diana: Wow. One thing you said kind of struck my fancy. You said when you walked in, the second day after the recording was playing all night, you said you could feel that they were upset. 

Miranda: it just seemed like the whole time,  in the very beginning the house was,  eerily quiet and it just, it just felt to me like, whatever room I went in, that it was just kind of standing in the corner, like, "Okay. What are you going to do now?" Because I feel like because we did always address it and because we sort of brought the homeowner into the home by bringing that recording in and because it was so active the night of, of our live and where we left the recorder's going  all night long and all day, I don't even really know how to explain it [00:39:00] other than, it felt very angry and almost deceived,  like "you tricked me, but you're not going to trick me again" was kind of how it, how it seemed.

  I got that scratch on my cheek. also, while we were recording all this, we had the rosary hanging downstairs where the, where the tub was at. 

So, you know, 

Diana: I guess my question was more geared towards me not being sensitive. And how would I know if I was walking into a room with an angry spirit in it? If I was unaware that there was a spirit there not sensitive to it.

Miranda: Exactly. Well, you know, it's, it's one of those things.  I am empathic. I mean,  I don't call myself sensitive, but sometimes I can pick up on things. both of us from myself and the videographer. I mean, you could just really tell.  it was pulling my hair. 

It was making those sounds where it was, dragging stuff [00:40:00] upstairs, and then slamming the door.  it clearly wanted us to pay attention to it and it just seemed real assertive. 

Diana: it was like hearing an angry teenager upstairs or something. Lots of banging 

and slamming 

Miranda: I'm not really sure how to explain it, but during that night we actually caught, we caught a cabinet door slamming and we also caught this chanting. Um, I mean, it was like clear,  Just a clear, almost drumming, chanting sound. You hear it? What sounds like it's coming from the basement area and then it just gets loud or like it comes up the steps.

And then there's one point you actually here on the steps, this, this heavy footsteps and it's carpet floor. So it's just like a heavy shuffle of feet. And. We didn't see anything other than flashlight went off at that time. rem-pod went off a lot of people [00:41:00] we'll try to explain what the flashlights and rem-pods and stuff tried to debunk those.

But what's interesting about, about this is it was always going off when there was some type of weird activity or when it was asked specific questions on the recorder,  and once I went and watched this video of what had occurred that night, that made me even more nervous about going in and, and do an experiments at the home after that.

Becky: Yeah. 

Diana: So the future renters? 

What did they know about all this going on? 

Miranda: Apparently, the homeowner filled them in  when they decided they were going to rent, she did fill them in and they were actually in the process. So you'll see in the videos, when we go there, the first time with the tub, uh, for probably the first four months. There's nothing in the home other than just a few things here and there, there's the tub that's in there.

There's a set of bunk beds [00:42:00] in this child's room.  couple old man actresses, and then just a few pieces, a garbage here and there.  but then as we get toward the end of our year long study, they've actually started fixing it up and, By the time they do the home liberation, there is a bed.

It was set up. I don't know who said that up a bed in the living room area.  Some of the other rooms have, have a few things in there. The, the basement is full by the time we do the home liberation, the tub is still in there, but all of the future renters stuff is in there cause they're painting and trying to remodel this house.

And that also kind of shifted the activity as well when they started adding. Stuff. the homeowners will not address it. they've watched the videos, we talked to them and they would not, they would not address it. And actually when they talk to us, they wouldn't even talk to us [00:43:00] inside of the house.


Becky: So where is the tub now?

Miranda: The homeowner has the tub from what I understand.  

Becky: still renters don't have to deal with this in their basement. 

Diana: Where are you going to watch for, for rent sign around that area?  

Miranda: Well, you know, I would be lying if I said,  I've driven past the house and I've not gone back in, in like probably four or five months now, but, it's tempting to be attempting to go in and put a recorder recorder down, ask a couple questions, but.

You know, I just, I just don't feel like I can do that because I mean, he told us,  not to really do anything, to try to invite it back, or invited into our lives since, you know, it has been, been a free and clear.   I stay away for that reason because I don't want to be tempted.

Because I would be. 

[00:44:00] Diana: So was it, was it like a part of the lease? Like, okay. You know, this house was haunted, but it's okay. There's been an amelioration, so it's been cleared out, but you do have to sign that you will not use a Ouija board or every Sunday you'll burn some sage, just, you know, just as a maintenance cleaning, just to keep it from getting haunted again.


Miranda: You know, when there's mold in a house, you know, it's the same idea. 

exactly. exactly. I'm not really sure. I know that, they were made fully aware and,  when we were filming the last episode, wanting to film the progress of what the house looks like   it's just a lot, lighter, brighter.   it's like a breath of fresh air. I mean, it's still an old house, but, yeah. It's just like a breath of fresh air when you go in.

Diana: Cool, 

Miranda: Yeah, 

Becky: a happy ending to the house. 

Miranda: yeah. Yeah. And I mean, I would be lying if I said that I've expected it to be that way.  it was really a surprise to me just [00:45:00] because of everything we experienced over the past year.

Becky: So that demonologist is the real deal, then

Miranda: Very I would say so. Yeah.

Diana: at least the ghost there thought he was so.

Okay, well, I just have one more question. 

Miranda: Okay. 

Diana: way to dispose of a Ouiga board?

Miranda: I think it has to be consecrated first before is my understanding. Yeah. That it has to be consecrated before it's disposed and it has to be disposed in a way of that, you know, even the ashes that can't be, uh, yeah, just you can't burn it and just throw the ashes out.

Diana: I have thrown away a Ouija board in my lifetime. Is it like, is there a statute of limitations on that? Like the bad luck, like

Miranda: I'd say if you've not had any problem now I'd say you're probably going to be okay.

Diana: I've never had problems in my life, not one.

Miranda: Yeah. [00:46:00] Well, you know, this was just a total shift from the norm for me, because I mean, investigating with the team and doing residential cases, a lot of the time I'm not filming those.

but it was just so much. And so. It bled into that episode with the tub. It just, made sense to cover and people were just really intrigued by it.   it had to be covered, you know?


And then following up the next season with, with that just cause we got so many questions about it. It, it, I hate to leave a loose end and hate to leave things open. We were actually able to get a conclusion to that. So many times, I can't say that I've ever had a case where I was able to actually get closure.

Becky: we'll be sure that we include links to your episodes on the show notes for this episode. And also on our Facebook page. We'll provide links as well. before we sign off here, can you tell people how they can [00:47:00] find you, give us your URLs and every way that people can get in touch with you, contact you.

If, if, if you can be contacted to do an investigation, like what, what people would do.

Miranda: Absolutely. So. I like to keep a lot of different ways that people can get in contact with me, probably the place where I'm the most active would be on my Facebook, because that way I can release my videos and then also really interact with the people that follow. So that is, on Facebook @ghostbikerexplorations, and then on YouTube., that's where they can watch all the videos as well. And then also on my website, I post all the videos on there. I've got some of my drawings that I've done and different appearances in places where I'll be speaking and doing meet and greets. And then on Instagram, under @runaway_vixen, they can contact me through the website, through the forum section.

Or they can also do it on Facebook I'd [00:48:00] love for anyone that's got any cool stories, that are especially local legends and folklore. If they've got a really cool one that would like highlighted, investigated and potentially made into an episode. And then also if there is a home that they would like for us to check out, 

they can reach me and we'll discuss it 

through that. 

Becky: Wonderful. Yes. Well, thank you for scaring us. 

Miranda: Well, thank you.  

 That was Miranda Young of Ghost Biker Investigations,  Miranda the Ghost BikerBecky:  and,

yes, she does ride a motorcycle to the investigation. So if you are in the Tennessee area and you have something you could call on her services, be sure to check her out. You're a delightful guest Miranda. It was wonderful talking to you. And I personally really enjoyed being able to talk about some of the stories that I grew up with in East Tennessee.

So loved that, [00:49:00] that, that, really just hit me in a great spot in my heart. So.

Miranda: Wonderful. It's 

nice to know someone that's that's 

heard the story. 

I love that when that happens. Thank you. 

Becky: Yeah. And I remembered them correctly. I'm really impressed with myself.

Well, everybody, thank you so much for listening. That's our show. Be sure to check out our show notes for this episode at, where we will include links to all of Miranda's contact information, her Facebook page, her YouTube channel, where you can watch all of her videos and her website. Also be sure to check us out on Facebook, our page is @homespunhaints and you can also find us on Instagram at @homespunhaints.

And if you are so inclined, be sure to check out our Patreon at, where we include bonus content for our lovely patrons. And sometimes we put things out for everyone. So be sure to check it out if you get a chance. 

And thanks again, Miranda 

We really enjoyed talking [00:50:00] to you. 

Diana: Thank you for creeping the heck out of us.

Miranda: Thank you. 

Diana: And everybody , thanks for listening, and until next time, have a spooky day.