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Exploring the future of at-home diagnostics testing systems

April 04, 2022 Charlie Webb, Jeremy Stackawitz Season 4 Episode 6
SPOT Radio
Exploring the future of at-home diagnostics testing systems
Show Notes

On this episode of SPOT radio, Charlie Webb has an edifying conversation with Jeremy Stackawitz from Senzo about the future of at-home diagnostics systems. As this new market grows in healthcare it is a great time to ponder how medical device packaging will support this new end-point.  This new paradigm will surely launch new growth for medical device and diagnostic packaging machines and material providers. 

About Jeremy Stackawitz:

Jeremy holds a science degree from Dartmouth and earned his MBA in Healthcare management from Wharton. He has 25+ years in healthcare with 15 of those years in diagnostics. At present Jeremy is CEO of Senzo, he resides in Pennsylvania with his wife and 3 kids and loves bringing innovative products to market.  

About Senzo:

Senzo, is a leading in vitro diagnostics company, that recently announced the successful development, and completion of a new 7-minute Covid-19 lateral flow rapid antigen Self-Test with the same accuracy as professional laboratory PCR tests, the industry’s gold standard. In an operator-blind study of 59 positive and 101 negative Covid-19 test samples, across all major variants, the Senzo Amplified Lateral Flow (ALF) test achieved 98.3% positive percent agreement (PPA) and 99.0% negative percent agreement (NPA) with PCR results, and 100.0% positive percent agreement (PPA) for samples with a Ct value between 33 - 38, representing very low levels of target nucleic acid in the sample.