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The Pack-Out an exciting new event for healthcare packaging professionals

March 06, 2022 Charlie Webb Season 4 Episode 5
SPOT Radio
The Pack-Out an exciting new event for healthcare packaging professionals
Show Notes

On this episode of SPOT radio, Charlie Webb speaks with founding members of the Pack-Out conference that will be held in Austin Texas, May 10-12. The Pack-Out promises to bring an exciting new attendee experience designed to facilitate peer connection and foster industry learning. Listen in and learn more about this exciting new medical device packaging professional conference.

About: The Pack-Out conference:

To advance the industry and continue building a strong community, we need a new, single-industry event that meets the needs of both packaging engineers and suppliers – we’re ready for [out]standing!

The problem is, there are limited options available for our specialized profession, the content and accommodations of legacy events have not kept pace with expectations, which leaves the healthcare packaging community without an acceptable forum to come together and share ideas that advance the industry and build strong networks. 

We came together and created the[PACK]out because we believe the future of healthcare packaging shouldn’t be left in the hands of event planners. As industry packaging professionals and suppliers, we understand how frustrating it can be to spend precious marketing dollars at conferences that don’t produce the results you’d hoped for and lack consistent technical content, which is why a team of industry professionals came together to change the model. (description from the Pack-Out website)

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