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Healthcare contract packagers supporting sterile device delivery

April 25, 2022 Charlie Webb, Jeff Barrett Season 4 Episode 7
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Healthcare contract packagers supporting sterile device delivery
Show Notes

On this episode of SPOT radio, Charlie Webb speaks with Jeff Barrett President and CEO of J-Pac Medical. Jeff gives keen insight from the point of view of a contract provider of assembly, packaging, and sterilization. Because contract packagers see a variety of packaging configurations, materials, and sterile delivery requirements, their global vista often can provide fast solutions for a host of healthcare packaging challenges.

About: Jeff Barrett

Jeff Barrett is the President and CEO of J-Pac Medical. Jeff has more than 25 years of experience building high-growth medical product-based companies. He leads the advancement of J-Pac’s growth strategy, pursuing opportunities to further drive adoption of the company’s offerings and optimizing capabilities to better serve customers.

Prior to joining J-Pac Medical, Barrett held CEO positions at GI Supply and Optim LLC and Vice President of Operations roles at Haemonetics and Aspect Medical Systems. He is also a successful entrepreneur. By applying his operational and engineering aptitude, Barrett founded Eggrock Modular Solutions, which became a disruptive business in the building technology industry. Barrett has proven expertise building and managing high-performance management teams, developing and implementing optimized operating infrastructure and manufacturing processes, and both improving existing product pipelines and growing new ones.

Barrett holds an MBA from Boston University’s Graduate School of Management, a B.S. in industrial engineering, and a B.A. in economics from Rutgers University.




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