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Understanding the ASTM F-88 testing method for medical device packaging.

June 29, 2022 Charlie Webb, Karen Greene Season 4 Episode 9
SPOT Radio
Understanding the ASTM F-88 testing method for medical device packaging.
Show Notes

On this episode of SPOT Radio Charlie Webb CPPL speaks with Karen Greene CPPL about the ASTM F-88 medical device pouch testing method. As laboratory owners Charlie Webb CPPL and Karen Greene CPPL provide a fresh optic to the discussion developed from their voice of the customer insight.

Guest Description:

Karen Greene is a tenured packaging professional, A CPPL certified through the institute of packaging professionals. with more than 20 years of experience in the medical device and pharmaceutical packaging industries.

30+ years of professional experience in package engineering. 22 years in medical device and pharmaceutical package engineering and engineering services. Leadership experience, 20+ years.

Specialties: Sterile barrier packaging, structural packaging, films, cushioning, and regulatory compliance for the medical device industry. ISO 11607, ASTM, and ISTA standards. IQ, OQ, and PQ for packaging designs and packaging equipment. DOE experience, test method development, accelerated aging, and pkg design qualifications. Package design and prototyping for sterile medical packaging(sterilization) and all types of structural packaging designs. Thermal package design, development, and validation.

Karen is also the Co-President of the Southern CA Chapter of IoPP and she is the Chair of the Task Group Subcommittee of the IoPP Medical Device Packaging Technical Committee.

You can learn more about her package engineering services which include package design, prototyping, as well as validation consulting by visiting her website.