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Streamlining medical device packaging and sterilization

June 26, 2023 Charlie Webb Season 4 Episode 20
SPOT Radio
Streamlining medical device packaging and sterilization
Show Notes

On this episode of the SPOT™ Radio Podcast Charlie Webb CPPL speaks with Roy Morgan about new ways medical device manufacturers can streamline the process of sterilization and medical device packaging through Eagle Medical's PATH (packaging accelerated timeline help) program.

Guest bio

Roy Morgan is best known for his work in electrochemistry; the inventor of the world's first orthopedic device to upregulate genetic progenitor compounds in the healing process of osteoarthritis of the joints. His skills in R&D team building and fast-paced project execution, requiring FDA product acceptance are well known in the med-device community. Mr. Morgan possesses expert know-how in regulatory submission drafting, platform strategy, intellectual property, and project management.

Mr. Morgan is currently expanding Eagle's growth strategy; requiring new business methods for improving volume, speed-to-market and customer service. These are adjunct areas to which Mr. Morgan has consistently excelled having launched many medical devices with companies such as: Abbott Laboratories, Meditrina, and Stryker. Using his "advantage maker" leadership approach, he has brought to market episodic blood glucose meters; wireless continuous glucose monitoring systems; drug infusion pumps; and several electrosurgical systems.

His product design skills are highly sought after as are his engineering skills in both electromechanical-engineering and injection molding. Educated at Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, Mr. Morgan gained a BSc. in Mechanical Engineering and a BA in Semiotics. At the University of California at Berkeley he became a Registered Professional Engineer and was awarded a Certificate in Project management. In 2000 Mr. Morgan was also awarded Project Management Professional designation from the Project Management Institute. At Eagle Medical, he leads with efficient and FDA compliant manufacturing, sterilization, packaging & packaging design service options for the medical device industry.

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