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The future of tradeshows and Expos post COVID

October 15, 2020 Charlie Webb, Laura Palker Season 2 Episode 12
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The future of tradeshows and Expos post COVID
Show Notes

In this episode of SPOT radio, Charlie Webb speaks with Laura Palker about the future of tradeshows and Expos post-COVID. When will we come together again in close proximity to each other, or will human distancing be a constant to better manage the risk of infectious Disease?  The tradeshow and expo industry is developing solutions that will make venues safer and will also develop virtual meetups as a stopgap as the pandemic risk slowly wanes.

Guest Description:

Laura Palker is an accomplished business executive with more than 25 years of experience in the Trade Show Sales and Marketing industry. She is the founder and managing director of Trade Show Solution Center/Trade Show Studio and the Solution Center Network.

Palker has developed a distinguished career working for some of the region’s top companies in the trade show industry where she was able to hone her marketing, logistics, and analytical acumen. Some of the firms that benefitted from her efforts include Exhibit Corporation of America, Exhibit Graphics, and Display Presentations.

In 2002, she branched out on her own with a vision of building a company that did more than simply sell trade show displays – one that supported the entire sales cycle with tools that worked in tandem to grow her clients’ business. That resulted in the founding of Trade Show Solution Center, a full-service agency that offers sales and lead generation tools, marketing collateral, corporate communications, trade show displays and management, and promotional items – all with an eye to presenting a clear, consistent, and compelling message that drives sales and effectively builds your brand.

Palker’s management style emphasizes strong communication, strategic planning, and internal controls to build relationships, revenues, and profits. And, with a reputation for being able to provide creative solutions for even the most complex problems, coupled with her commitment to exceptional customer service, Palker has amassed a loyal following of satisfied customers.

Giving back to the community has always been a priority to Palker as evidenced by her involvement with a variety of philanthropic and professional organizations.  Palker serves as President of the Moxxie Mentoring Foundation.  She proudly supports her husband as First Lady of the Global Board of Directors for the Institute of Management Accountants.  Palker sits on the EAC Network Board and served as former Marketing Chair and the 2014 EAC Spring Luncheon Chair.  She served on the EAC Spring Luncheon Committee in 2010, 2011, and 2012 and the EAC Golf Committee in 2011.  Finishing her term on the Board of Directors of the Executive Women’s Golf Association, Long Island, NY Chapter as the Sponsorship Chair and former Communications Chair; Palker is now co-site director for LPGA Girls Golf in Long Island.

Leading the way in an annual fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, she chaired the Island Hills Golf Club Babe Zaharias Tournament in 2008 and 2009 and served on the Executive Committee in 2011. Previous to that she served on the Board of the Foundation Fighting Blindness and worked with the Long Island Foundation for Hospice Care and Research where she lobbied in both Albany and Washington D.C. to help build awareness and support for hospice as an alternative to traditional cancer treatment in the late 1980s. Palker continues to offer seminars and webinars on profitable trade show exhibiting and smart selling. She is a regular columnist in Golfing Magazine, Networking Magazine, and hosted the FIOS1 My LI Show “Golfing on Long Island in 2011.  Laura Palker and her husband Marc P. Palker reside in South Huntington, NY.

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