Qur'an Connection by Good Tree Academy

Having Tawfik and Bringing Our Hearts Closer to Allah

November 22, 2021 Good Tree Academy Season 8 Episode 11
Qur'an Connection by Good Tree Academy
Having Tawfik and Bringing Our Hearts Closer to Allah
Show Notes

As Muslims, sometimes we have to go on a journey to get closer to Allah by visiting the houses of Allah SWT in Mecca and Madina. When you visit Masjid al Nabawi in Madina, the prayer of one rakaa is equivalent to 50,000 rakaa and when you pray one rakaa at Masjid al-Haram, it is equivalent to one hundred thousand rakaa. According to several historians, the earth was all water and the first piece of land started at the Kaaba where today, Muslims circle around to bring themselves closer to Allah SWT. Seven heavens above the Kaaba, there is a house of Allah called Bait al Mamoor where 70,000 angels do tawaaf from sunrise to sunset and when those angels complete tawaaf, another 70,000 angels come and do tawaaf and will not come back to do tawaaf until the day of judgement. 

The Kaaba is where the Prophet prayed and was harassed, attacked, and endured the dumping of animal feces on him as he prayed. This is also where Muslims freed the house of Allah from idols. Sometimes we must take certain journeys and face difficult obstacles in order to bring ourselves closer to Allah. Allah tells us to visit the houses of Allah and make provisions before making that journey. The main provision we should be making is Takwa. Takwa is having the mindfulness of Allah, being deeply aware and conscious of Allah, and strengthening that connection to Allah. 

When Prophet Abraham left his wife Hajar with Ismail in Mecca, there was no Kaaba, food, or water present. Hajar had takwa and had six qualities in her heart that brought her closer to Allah. 

1. Silence: One of the first qualities that Hajar had to get used to was her heart. She had to learn how to be alone with Allah with no one around her but Allah. We can understand the revelations of Allah better when we tune out everything else and be alone with Allah. 

2. Attachment: Hajar had to sacrifice her attachment with everything and everyone other than Allah. This included her husband, her neighborhood, food she loved, and everything she was attached to so she could attach her heart to Allah.  

3. Reliance: Her heart relied heavily on Allah when she was left alone and dealing with difficulties. 

4. Hope: Hajar never gave up hope on Allah even during these difficult times. Her hope was bigger than her fears. 

5. Action: She actively tried to bring herself closer to Allah by seeking Allah. She would walk on rocks between Safa and Marwa to bring herself closer. She did not give up and worked hard to seek Allah’s bounty and with that movement, Allah gave her an opening when the Angel Jibril came and struck the ground that so much water came out she had to say zam zam (stop stop). Today, that water nourishes the souls of pilgrims until the day of judgement. 

6. Gratitude: She was soaked in gratitude for the water and was grateful for what Allah had given her that time instead of asking for more. 

When we are going through a difficult time, it is important to have takwa, put in the effort and seek Allah. May Allah grant us the tawfik to continue to strive towards these qualities that Hajar possessed. May Allah grant us tawfik to have a beautiful heart.

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