The Divine Feminist

Using your voice

May 26, 2021 Ceryn Rowntree Season 3 Episode 42
The Divine Feminist
Using your voice
Show Notes

As we venture into  Gemini season, it is time to talk about all things air. And with Ceryn having finally completed the manuscript of the Divine Feminist book, it seems the perfect time to talk about the subject of using your voices. 

No, this isn't a "how to write a book" episode, nor is it a "you should start a podcast and here is how", but instead is an invitation for you to consider your voice and how and where it is shared in the world.

After all, between old wounding, lifelong conditioning and the parameters we are given for what makes someone "worthy" of sharing their voices, there is often so much holding us back from speaking what is right, true and important for us.

Join Ceryn on this week's episode as she invites you on a deep dive into this subject and reminds you of just how much power there is waiting to be heard in your voice.

Episode notes 

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