Soccer Coach Weekly
Adam Davidson - 'The game speaks to the players, not me'
Adam Davidson - 'The game speaks to the players, not me' 24:12 Debbie Barry - 'We want to develop good human beings' 22:30 Robert Williams - 'Read the room and know your players' 27:21 Ed Jackson-Sankey - 'My job on matchdays is admin...and that's it' 26:22 JF Scarfo - 'Video clips can help players of all ages' 23:59 Ash Civil - Putting your players' opinions into practice 20:10 Tim Bradbury - 'We've started to rob the joy from players' 20:07 Brian Murphy - From ‘a dark place’ to leading a club culture 27:23 Billy Ready - Pithy language - and balls of various sizes 25:11 Jake Brown - Scotland to Spain, via Bristol: Jake's journey 38:06 Frank Lopez - 'Players can come out of nowhere to make it' 26:47 Ranji Ragbeer - Using coaching to 'lift kids out of poverty' 23:41 Sarah Nickless - Removing barriers for female coaches 32:39 Marcus Renzi - 'The all-terrain chair I want costs £15,000' 26:15 Sarah Lowdon - 'I coach the person first, player second' 24:45 Jon Cotterill-Bolsover - Harness the power of emotional intelligence 40:16 Ben Cahn - Have cones, will travel: Ben's A-League dream 30:03 Derek Johnston - Why four-job Del had to learn to get a filter 33:09 Sam Hudson - 'Art of defending is predict and prepare' 30:21 George Roberts - 'There's no need to reinvent the wheel' 27:27 Manisha Tailor - Can coaching be more mental-health friendly? 42:33 Wayne Cleverly - Making a connection 27:11 Sian Osmond - Persistence is the key to Sian's rapid ascent 25:52 Hannah Duncan - 'We welcome coaches across the spectrum' 39:02 Matt Bee - 'This kid's not going to last five minutes!' 42:38