The Cloudcast
The Cloudcast #210 - Open Source Foundations with Jim Zemlin
The Cloudcast
The Cloudcast #210 - Open Source Foundations with Jim Zemlin
Aug 26, 2015
Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely
Description: Aaron talks with Jim Zemlin (@jzemlin, Executive Director Linux Foundation) about the continued rise of Open Source in our daily lives and necessary role of open source foundations. We also find out he has a favorite project!

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Announcements from LinuxCon:
Topic 1 - First question we have to ask about is foundations. What is changing in the market or with communities that we’ve seen so many get created in the last 12-18 months?

Topic 2 - Some people have said that foundations are becoming the new standards committees, which had a reputation for slowing down innovation. Does technology move so fast these days that we need to introduce some “governors” to pace it a little better, or do you have a different opinion?

Topic 3 -  We’re seeing more “traditional” companies get engaged with open source software, typically via the foundations. What guidance do you give their leadership, especially if open source isn't part of their core business model today?

Topic 4 -  The Linux Foundation is involved in so many interesting technologies. Without picking a favorite child, what areas or trends are really grabbing your attention these days?