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A DevOps Look Ahead for 2019

January 03, 2019 Aaron Delp & Brian Gracely
The Cloudcast
A DevOps Look Ahead for 2019
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Description: Brian talks with Josh Atwell (@Josh_Atwell, Sr. Technology Advocate @Splunk and co-host of @SpeakingInTech) about the state of DevOps and NewOps heading into 2019.

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Topic 1 - Happy New Year. Tell us a little bit about your background, why you’re drawn to the DevOps space, and maybe some of your goals for 2019.

Topic 2 - What is the state of DevOps heading into 2019? We’ve seen it evolve from The Phoenix Project and “10 Deploys a Day” CI/CD to Infrastructure as a Code and HugOps. 

Topic 3 - It feels like DevOps is sort of at a crossroads, with a bunch of newer things emerging, from SRE to DevSecOps to NewOps. It that the market being uncomfortable with DevOps, or sort of a 2nd-generation set of knowledge emerging?

Topic 4 - From a technology perspective, DevOps always seems to attract the CI/CD tools and then the Chef/Puppet/Ansible/Salt tools, and now there is somewhat of a shift to immutability with things like Containers/Kubernetes or even serverless. Is there a technology focus for DevOps in 2019? How does NewOps fit into this space?

Topic 5 - From a culture perspective, there’s been HugOps and Blameless Post-Mortems and Empathy, all focused on cohesity between business and technical in owning challenges/goals/results. Are there culture-side frameworks that are emerging and gaining traction?

Topic 6 -  As you listen to the community, what we some of the most common tips and suggestions that you find help people and groups to be more successful in the DevOps domain?