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Multi-Cloud Security

February 06, 2019 Aaron Delp & Brian Gracely
The Cloudcast
Multi-Cloud Security
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Description: Aaron talks with Harry Sverdlove (@TheSecureWord, Founder & CTO Edgewise Networks) about the evolution of security to embrace both a micro-services and multi-cloud world.

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Topic 1 - Briefly Introduce yourself and tell everyone a little bit about your background.

Topic 2 - The topic of security historically has been a weakness for Brian and I, let’s start at the start and cover a few base topics first. What are some of the big challenges customers are facing today in hybrid and public cloud?

Topic 3 - I came from the “secure the perimeter” world back in the day. How has this concept evolved and does it still apply to operations today?

Topic 4 - Are we evolving into an anomaly detection mindset going forward? How does AI/ML assist (if at all) in this area vs. historical trends and pattern matching?

Topic 5 - As applications move to more cloud native architectures joined with a loose coupling of microservice, how does this change play into approaching the problem?

Topic 6 -  Last question, what implications does multi-cloud present?