My Perfect Failure

Reconnect with Your Inner GPS with Susanne Frandsen

October 15, 2022 Paul Padmore
My Perfect Failure
Reconnect with Your Inner GPS with Susanne Frandsen
Show Notes

MPF Discussion with Susanne Frandsen

Reconnect with Your Inner GPS with Susanne Frandsen

Susanne is an author blogger and also author of the Børsen-reviewed book "The Director's Manual – Leadership from the Heart" and co-author of the book 'Sia & The Magic Stone' – about personal leadership at children's level.

Susanne’s teachings support individuals and organizations free to live out their highest potential by going from being performance driven to being passion driven. When the process is good – so is the result!

Susanne’s coaching and support has a transformative impact for her clients helping them transform from a performance driven life to a purpose driven life.

 On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Reconnect with your Inner GPS) If you are curious about finding out how to find your inner calmness and how to access your life of purpose and passion then this is a must listen for you.  Susanne breaks this all down and much more.  Susanne life has been one of trauma, discovery, healing, purpose and fulfilment. Susanne brings all these elements to this inspiring and insightful discussion. Some of the areas we cover.

 ·      How to Connect with our Inner GPS

·      Susanne explains the passion test – connect with your inner essence and life purpose

·      Why we are only truly ready for change once we master our ego

·      Why the phrase no pain no gain holds us back

·      Follow the path of least resistance 

             Connect with Susanne



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