My Perfect Failure

What’s Next with Lauren St George

May 20, 2023 Paul Padmore
My Perfect Failure
What’s Next with Lauren St George
Show Notes

MPF Discussion with Lauren St George

What’s Next with Lauren St George


About Lauren

Lauren St George is a coach and a consultant. She helps companies and individuals navigate change, overcome big hairy challenges, and imagine truly creative solutions. Lauren is the founder of What's Next, a one-of-a-kind, highly engaging program that helps people figure out their best next chapter. Often this need for change is triggered by a major life event (divorce, grief, empty nester, retirement) or feeling stuck and unsure on what to do next (career, purpose, happiness). At the heart of it we are all looking to live a more fulfilling life and Lauren has helped hundreds of people find theirs.

 On this episode of My Perfect Failure (What’s Next) If you are like many of us that the question of what ‘s next in your career or personal life often leaves you anxious and paralysed as to how to make a call as to what’s next then this I episode is a must listen for you.

 Lauren provides your blueprint as to how you can take your life to the next level and decide “What’s Next “ for you.


Some Of The Areas We Cover 

 ·       Lauren discusses how we can overcome fear of change.

·       We discuss the importance of choosing the right support team.

·       Lauren discusses mindset shifts for our perception of fear.

·       Why we should be mindful of the negative voices in our heads.

·       We discuss Lauren’s program “What’s Next”.



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 What’s Next



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