My Perfect Failure

Awaken your Resilience with Oumar Dieng

November 01, 2020 Paul Padmore
My Perfect Failure
Awaken your Resilience with Oumar Dieng
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 MPF discussion with

Awaken your Resilience with Oumar Dieng

 A brief background:

About Oumar

He is a motivational speaker, business, and life purpose coach.  He helps people who are stuck in life gain clarity on their personal and professional goals so they can get unstuck and live the life they want. 

 He lived in a refugee camp after a deadly mob attacked his home which caused him to be separated from my family.  He fled to another country where he reunited with his family and later went on to have a successful corporate career in the U.S.  After overcoming life’s changing hardships and loss, he learned to harness the power of resilience and positive thinking to shed his limiting beliefs to overcome obstacles and live a successful life.  

 On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Awaken your Resilience) Oumar discusses the awakening of his resilience at the age of 15 when he had to use resilience and courage to keep himself, family and friends from a life threating situation when they found their home under siege from an angry mob.  Listen to Oumar’s inspirational story and how he is now inspiring and supporting people all over the world to live their best, giving them access to their own resilience through his teaching. Coaching and experiences.  Some of the areas we cover.


·         Surviving ethnic cleansing and an angry mob

·         Learning how to survive in a refugee camp at the age of 15

·         Oumar discusses the importance resilience played in being separated from his family as a child

·         Micro-resilience events: how to leverage life’s small challenges to cope with any challenge

·         Anchor memories: change your state of mind by simply recalling a specific memory


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