My Perfect Failure

Millennial Entrepreneur - with Naresh Vissa -

January 30, 2021 Paul Padmore
My Perfect Failure
Millennial Entrepreneur - with Naresh Vissa -
Show Notes

MPF discussion with Naresh Vissa

Millennial Entrepreneur - with Naresh Vissa 


About Naresh

Naresh Vissa is Founder and CEO of Krish Media & Marketing – a full service online and digital media and marketing agency. He has worked with leading publishers, media firms and institutions such as CNN Radio, JP Morgan Chase, EverBank, The Institute for Energy Research, Houston Rockets, Houston Astros, the American Junior Golf Association, Agora Publishing, and Stansberry Research.

 Naresh helped launch an online radio network generating six-figures in monthly revenue.  He managed the production and marketing for the first online retail physical precious metals trading platform. He’s a #1 bestselling author of PODCASTNOMICS: The Book Of Podcasting… To Make You Millions and has been featured on USA Today, Yahoo!, Bloomberg, MSNBC, Huffington Post, Business Week, MSN Money, Business Insider, India Today, and the Hindustan Times. He was also the Director of Media Strategy at the largest private and independent financial publisher in the world.

 On the episode of My Perfect Failure (Millennial Entrepreneur) Naresh reveals how he became an Entrepreneur.  He describes the hard work, endeavor, ambition, learning and application he has had to apply over the years to create a life and work balance on his terms.  On this episode you will learn how you too can create your life as entrepreneur on your terms.  Some of the areas we cover.

 ·         Naresh explains his success did not come over night.

·         Naresh explains how we can create our own economy from the comfort of our homes.

·         Naresh explains the benefits of virtual mentors.

·         Naresh reveal entrepreneurship is a never-ending process.

·         Naresh – be an advocate of your gained experience – see where you can take it.


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 Krish Media Marketing 


 Fifty Shades Of Marketing

·         Fifty Shades Of Marketing: Whip Your Business Into Shape & Dominate Your Competition eBook: Vissa, Naresh, Kotler, Philip: Kindle Store

 The Book Of Podcasting

·         Podcastnomics: The Book Of Podcasting... To Make You Millions: Vissa, Naresh, Walch, Rob, Hartman, Jason: 9780692268889: Books

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