My Perfect Failure

Shake The Dirt with Michael Arterberry

March 13, 2021 Paul Padmore
My Perfect Failure
Shake The Dirt with Michael Arterberry
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MPF discussion with Michael Arterberry

Shaking the Dirt with Michael Arterberry

 About Michael

As a Motivational Speaker, Michael’s life is dedicated to moving people from an uneasy time in their lives to a place of peace. He doesn’t change their circumstances, but he helps change their perspective.

 Michael helps people understand that it’s not about the destination, but the battles won along the way. He encourages them to hold on and understand that bad doesn’t look bad when there is good in it.

People will follow you if you inspire them.  Michael works hard to inspire, lead, encourage, and celebrate the people that come into his life.

 “Short-term thinkers plant gardens… Longer-term thinkers plant trees. Eternity minded thinkers’ plant themselves in the souls of others

-Michael Arterberry

 On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Shaking the Dirt) Michael reveals how the challenges he faced as child became his superpower allowing him to Shake the Dirt.  Michael has a unique ability to spot and identify when people are struggling with inner conflict or other demons.  Michael uses his unique ability to help people self-reflect combined with storytelling, ultimately work with Michael and he will help you Shake Your Dirt and turn your old negative stories into positives giving you access to your very own life of abundance.  Some of the areas we cover.

 ·         The power of the mind and never giving up.

·         Michael surviving COVID-19

·         Michael the Master encourager.

·         Michael helping his clients lead a conscious life.

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