My Perfect Failure

The Hands On Entrepreneur for Kids - Patricia Clahar

April 03, 2021 Paul Padmore
My Perfect Failure
The Hands On Entrepreneur for Kids - Patricia Clahar
Show Notes

About Patricia

Patricia is a graduate of Harvard University; she also has an MBA from Columbia Graduate School of Business and has been an educator for nearly 15 years.

 Patricia also taught entrepreneurship in a Montessori middle school for 3 years and helped over 50 students to launch products or manage small businesses. 

 Today Patricia is an educator-turned-entrepreneur and the founder of the Dream Chasers Club, a virtual community of kids and teens who are bold enough to dream big, challenge the status quo and be the change that they want to see in the world. 

 She hosts virtual events, interviews, contests and more to help this community of young people to network and inspire each other to even greater heights.


On this episode of My Perfect Failure (The Hands-On Entrepreneur for Kids) Patricia discusses Dream Chasers Club a virtual platform she has created for children and teen entrepreneurs to showcase their very own business ideas, whilst also supporting and inspiring one another via the Dream Chasers club community. Some of the areas we cover.

 ·        The Dream Chasers Club.

·        The benefits of free thinking.

·        Inspiring child entrepreneurs.

·        If we avoid failing, we avoid the opportunity to grow and learn.

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