My Perfect Failure

Marlo Clarke - How I survived Moving to The UK with No Connections

April 24, 2021 Paul Padmore
My Perfect Failure
Marlo Clarke - How I survived Moving to The UK with No Connections
Show Notes

MPF discussion with Marlo Clarke

How I survived Moving to The UK with No Connections

 A keynote speaker focused on individuals asking them, "what's next?", his captivating storytelling style and well-balanced humour take the audience on a journey that offers a clear and confident way forward.

 With 2 TEDx talks already to his name.  To date he has spoken to over 10,000 business experts, government officials, young professionals, and teens about planning for success and learning from failures.

 In living to his principles, he followed his heart and reconnected with his family back in Barbados. Returning home after so much time abroad opened his eyes to the important things in life.

Back home in Barbados for now, he is still on a mission to help people live their best life and find their purpose.

 On this episode of My Perfect Failure (How I survived Moving to The UK with No Connections) We get to listen to and be inspired by Marlo.  

 Marlo is somebody that has taken risks from an early age, he is clearly a man on a mission. Marlo takes us on a journey discussing being classmate of Rhianna and watching her blossom and go onto to achieve amazing things.

 To his own journey, taking up rugby for the first time and representing the national team within 6 months, to buying a 1-way ticket Iowa with no job, to raising $1 million dollars in sponsorship.  Deciding to move to the UK with 2 speeches and forging a career as an international keynote speaker and landing 2 TEDx talks.

 The beauty of Marlo is he does not just provide the highlights, he reveals the failures and the challenges and explains how we should view failures and challenges as privileges to learn and grow.  If we do this, we will also achieve our own highlights.  Some of the areas we cover.

 ·         Marlo discusses his appetite to travel and explore started when he was a child.

·         To progress in life we need to take bold action.

·         Buying a 1-way ticket to Iowa

·         Arriving in England with 2 speeches and becoming an international Keynote speaker.

·         Being a classmate of Rihanna and watching her career blossom.

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