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#025 - Ship Selection Night at the United States Naval Academy with Jarred Reid-Dixon '17

January 21, 2020 GRANT VERMEER / JARRED REID-DIXON '17 Season 1 Episode 25
#025 - Ship Selection Night at the United States Naval Academy with Jarred Reid-Dixon '17
The Academy Insider Podcast - Your Guide to The Naval Academy Experience
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The Academy Insider Podcast - Your Guide to The Naval Academy Experience
#025 - Ship Selection Night at the United States Naval Academy with Jarred Reid-Dixon '17
Jan 21, 2020 Season 1 Episode 25

I'm joined by Jarred Reid-Dixon who is a class of 17 graduate from the United States Naval Academy and currently serves as a Supply Officer in the United States Navy. Jarred is from a big military family with both his parents in the US Air Force.  His brother is a United States Marine and his sister is an Officer in the Navy and also a USNA grad.  JRD was an economics major at the academy, 19th company, the captain of the cheer team and was the "anchorman" of the class.

In 2017, the leadership of the academy asked JRD to modernize the ship selection night event and he did.  He brought in DJs, walk down songs, hashtags and more to make it a real celebration for SWO selectees.

In this episode, Jarred takes us through the what the night is like for Mids and much of the behind the scenes stuff that parents never see.

It's an informative and casual episode. It provides a sneak-peek into this evolving tradition at the academy.

Links mentioned on the show:  AN Shine's Book - A USNA Mom's Journal 

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The mission of Academy Insider is to guide, serve, and support Midshipmen, future Midshipmen, and their families.

Grant Vermeer your host is the person who started it all. He is the founder of Academy Insider and the host of The Academy Insider podcast and the USNA Property Network Podcast. He was a recruited athlete which brought him to Annapolis where he was a four year member of the varsity basketball team. He was a cyber operations major and commissioned into the Cryptologic Warfare Community. He was stationed at Fort Meade and supported the Subsurface Direct Support mission.

He separated from the Navy in 2023 and now owns The Vermeer Group, a boutique residential real estate company that specializes in serving the United States Naval Academy community PCSing to California & Texas.

We are here to be your guide through the USNA experience.

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Show Notes Transcript

I'm joined by Jarred Reid-Dixon who is a class of 17 graduate from the United States Naval Academy and currently serves as a Supply Officer in the United States Navy. Jarred is from a big military family with both his parents in the US Air Force.  His brother is a United States Marine and his sister is an Officer in the Navy and also a USNA grad.  JRD was an economics major at the academy, 19th company, the captain of the cheer team and was the "anchorman" of the class.

In 2017, the leadership of the academy asked JRD to modernize the ship selection night event and he did.  He brought in DJs, walk down songs, hashtags and more to make it a real celebration for SWO selectees.

In this episode, Jarred takes us through the what the night is like for Mids and much of the behind the scenes stuff that parents never see.

It's an informative and casual episode. It provides a sneak-peek into this evolving tradition at the academy.

Links mentioned on the show:  AN Shine's Book - A USNA Mom's Journal 

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The mission of Academy Insider is to guide, serve, and support Midshipmen, future Midshipmen, and their families.

Grant Vermeer your host is the person who started it all. He is the founder of Academy Insider and the host of The Academy Insider podcast and the USNA Property Network Podcast. He was a recruited athlete which brought him to Annapolis where he was a four year member of the varsity basketball team. He was a cyber operations major and commissioned into the Cryptologic Warfare Community. He was stationed at Fort Meade and supported the Subsurface Direct Support mission.

He separated from the Navy in 2023 and now owns The Vermeer Group, a boutique residential real estate company that specializes in serving the United States Naval Academy community PCSing to California & Texas.

We are here to be your guide through the USNA experience.

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Grant:   0:03
This is your host Grant Vermeer Naval Academy class of 2017 and I'm your academy insider. It's my goal to be your guide through the Naval Academy experience. By sharing my stories and providing you inside information into the life of a midshipman. Academy insider is in no way officially affiliated with the United States Naval Academy. All over the content on Academy Insider is my own and does not reflect the views of the United States Naval Academy, the United States Navy nor the Department of Defense. Is that the NFL Draft? Are we watching? The price is right on TV right now, I don't know, but it's ships election night at the United States Naval Academy, which is a tremendously fun evening where all of the surface warfare officer selects from the Naval Academy get a pick, their first ship and home port. So if you wanna learn all about the evening, make sure to check out. This episode is I'm joined by Jared Re Dixon, who's the classes? 17 graduate from the Naval Academy and was actually the head of planning ships Election night for the classes 17. So he has a ton of insight and behind the scenes perspective into the actual planning and execution of ships Election night. So if you wanna learn about it, check out this episode. There are a couple clarifications I want to make before we jump into the episode. The first is about the different colors that you will see on the board during ships election. We'll talk all about it in the episode. But just for actual fact with white are your conventional surface warfare officer slates. The navy blue colored ones are for the swot blue chips. We'll talk about what a blue chip means in the episode. Red is swot Nuke only your yellows, conventional swot, video and nuke. And then your green slates are for all of these swot IWC, the information warfare community options. So that's what it all means. If you want to learn more about the episode here, all the tremendously entertaining and funny stories that Jared and I share make sure to check it out. I hope you guys enjoy it and let me know what you think, all right, and everyone, welcome to the Academy insider podcast. Today I am joined by potentially the most famous mid shipment of all time and definitely the best looking. So we have Jared re dicks in here with us, who is also a class of 17. Graduate from the Naval Academy. Jared. Thanks so much for coming on Academy.

Jarred:   2:12
Excited for sure. You know, I always make time to come on here for you. You know, it was like

Grant:   2:17
I appreciate it before we get started about today's topic, which is all about ships selection. Do you mind just telling the audience a little bit about who you are, where you're from, where you grew up, and then what brought you to the academy and then follow that up with a little bit of to yours amid shipments of some of your mid ship itself. Company Major and things like that. Activities that

Jarred:   2:36
for sure. So Lieutenant junior grade. Jarred Reid-Dixon, originally from Suffolk, Brandon, England. I'm from a big military family. Both my parents were the Air Force. My brother's a marine, and my sister is an '08 grad from the Naval Academy. So I think I really didn't know why. One of the naval county where I just was always there for every time my sister did went through her journey. I got nominee. I I don't know, but she got nominated by Bite in. And then I got nominated by carpets. We applied from Delaware. Yeah. So at the academy, I was in 13 company my freshman year, and then I was in 19 company. My sophomore three senior and I was a cheerleader and I wasn't competitive. Chilean team, national champions, you know, love it and then wasn't most academic person. But I was. I was an economics major and I just happened to be anchorman, which is a whole vibe. How was

Grant:   3:33
that? Was that a fun experience? Because I can tell everyone who's listening right now. Watching you show up to the graduation ceremony and collect your money was the greatest thing of all.

Jarred:   3:42
There was a hole. It was fantastic. Well, it was good. It was good. It was kind of crazy because it was like I didn't realize I was never the type to be like, I need to be the anchor and I think I think that went well. But it's going through the Antarctic. Wait, I think I'm about Shankar and I'm going to s c l. I was like Hey, like, I don't, like, calculate this right now, but I'm pretty sure that with, like, you know, some of my colorful decisions mixed with my grades. I was like, I think that I just might be the very last fishing graduated. But it was a good time.

Grant:   4:13
Yeah, absolutely. So the anchorman, which is fantastic. But you graduated. And at the end of the day, that's what matters. And you commission. So what's currently now doing in the Navy?

Jarred:   4:22
So it's funny because, you know, I'm coming on here for ships election because I was supposed to be a surface warfare officer. I want to say about, like, a month and 1/2 before graduation. We're searching the Surface warrior medical exam or whatever. That was when they figured I was gonna be medically disqualified and I had to go restricted line. So I am now commissioned as a supply corps officer on dime. This is the supply off there in Norfolk, Virginia, on a destroyer. It is quite time you

Grant:   4:50
still basically ended up back on the ship.

Jarred:   4:52
Exactly. So like a lot. Just funny. Yeah. Lenny will think that like you're Suppose it like you're not going to go back to ship like our motto is ready for sea. So the biggest thing for the academy was that I think I was given the care. They're gonna be graduating, not commissioner will be delayed, grad. Or you could just go restricted. Well, six of line, you know, give me out of here. So

Grant:   5:14
Absolutely. And so with that, when you got your orders to your first ship, was it just talking with the detailer and then they just determine what ship was open. How did you find out you were reporting to your first ship was just a conversation with your detailer.

Jarred:   5:27
Yeah. So this is so that's a little bit different than actual ship selection for Supply Corps. It's completely different. We just go up there. We go to school for six months, and then we get detailed by the educational counselor for a ship selection they send out the professional development officer on the Naval Academy will send out a billet list of all the bills that are open. And the good part of that is that for slows like we get with our commissioning sources, we get the first among our E and yeah, So you go through that listen and everyone's looking at like there's, like maybe 70 fillets for, like, Virginia. And then there's like two billets Baroda and, like rebuilt Hawaii. So a lot of people will start to pretty much calculating, like that's when the conversations are happening of, like, what does everybody want to dio and then you? It's not even talking to your detail. You can just pick. Okay, So, yeah, it's a good time.

Grant:   6:22
That's fantastic. But for the midshipmen that choose surface warfare, which at the point in time for us at the beginning of 2017 you were going to be a surface warfare officer, can you just talk a little bit about ships election night and basically what the purpose of ships Election Night is for all of those people who have selected surface warfare?

Jarred:   6:43
So I would say is that I was 2017. R class is probably the first class actually duel you're supposed to do for chip selection. This election is supposed to be, you know, celebrating the fact that you first what you made to your first a year and you made its surface warfare officer, you know, like they have that. The big parties for the pilots, the big parties for the Marines, the sub only of all these things. And we have the surface walls. Well, but shit selection is like the night for the surface warrior. So this was the first year that we turned the entire thing into more of a celebration rather than ceremony s o that night. It's just kind of like it's you like, you start the night by, like, eating dinner with all the admiral's from, like all around the world. Um, wine. We love wine and like to love a wind like every little dinner table. And that's more about like, the networking party was kind of asking questions. They say, truffle you up randomly, and then after the dinner, you usually go back to your room, freshen up, and then you head over to Alumni Hall. So, alumna, that was the first year that we did an alumni hall because prior to that was always a memorial hall and it was very low key.

Grant:   7:56
Yeah, and so I'm gonna, uh, take a quick pause here. You say we you're planning it. You really spearheaded this whole thing. How involved were you with this process. And how was trying to get that venue change to Alumni Hall? How difficult was that to make happen?

Jarred:   8:12
Well, I just I was sitting in Nimitz one day and I got into email from the Captain off, bro. Death and see. See the commander, the assistant product. And they were like, Hey, like, we're interested in kind of doing something a little bit different this year for a surface warfare for this Ah, ship selection. Like, would you be in and kind of heading it? I don't know what you mean, but like, it's time to talk about it. No. And so, uh, I sat down. I was like, Hey, like, hashtags that we need to have. Hashtags. You have instagram stuff for me to have a builder we need. You have this, like things to kind of make it more modern. It's just that the captain and the commander like they were both academy grads as well, so that they have their own ships election. And so when when it was cool, tohave bring, I can't give my ideas to people with rank, and then they give those ideas to, you know, the commandant And then who's all ultimately briefing the superintendent. And luckily, the leadership for us from pro Dev all the way to the palm. It on to the superintendent were a warrant. It weren't so Yeah, it was more.

Grant:   9:19
You have the support from the high up leadership toe make this event exactly like what? What you said is more modern, fun and celebratory for all of our surface warfare. Right? Shipmates that are going to go and literally pick where they're going to be, what shit they're gonna be on, Which is where I kind of want to move to Nexus. Hey, once you get to Alumni Hall and you're going through ship selection of parents want to tune in and watch. What are they actually looking at? What are the main shipment going up? And what are the factors that midshipman get to choose whether its home port type of ship can You just kind of run through all the different things that midshipman get a pic while

Jarred:   9:53
they're up there for sure. So when you get to walk in on my obviously want, Wilma Hall is absolutely huge. Um, this whole top top top top row is gonna be all of your company made through teammates, people just there to kind of share you want. They're obviously there any class and their company, any sort of selection. They're just all up there to cheer on the surface. Warfare officers in the very middle in the front rows. There's gonna be all the admirals and all all the admiral's as faras icons in the fleet. And you're gonna handle the captain banners for which the CEOs and excels for each ship from around the entire world. Um, and then behind them in the middle is going to be every single service warfare officer that is. Um, I think there's 223 of us. That was the last one pick again on S. Oh, there you go from 1 to 2 23 And so what? The parents would just get bored estate on the stage will have on the deejay and just kind of play music guys walking down when you'll have a whole bunch off names of ships. Some of the ships are different colors based off, whether it's nuclear or if it's not. And if it's all mine sweeper, Um and then under the colors of the names is where their home port of that. So that's you. That's a big thing of what the parents get to see, because I don't really going to see what the midshipmen see, which is all of the people. But then when they call your name, you get up and then you'll play your walk down song, which is something I was like, You know what? Like it needs, like, you know, personalized. So like Oh,

Grant:   11:26
absolutely. And how long do they get for the walk up song when you're going to this playing process? Did you make it like a 15 2nd song? 20 seconds of a song. How long did each person have with their walk up

Jarred:   11:36
some eso each song? I think for us was like 30 seconds. I think it got shorted because ours was buried there very long. So you have a I know for our year, we had a power point slide that had, like, midshipman first class Jared Re Dixon, they would have me, my like midshipman picture, and then you have a picture of you in uniform, a picture of you outside of, you know, warm like your favorite color. Ah, fun fact Will company you're in What's your major wire side? To be a service work out and then in the background is whatever song they kind of like characterizes you. So it's kind of based on more of like your moment by being a monk. That makes sense. Because, you know, again, that is one of that at the Naval Academy as a service work for officer, that is the turning point of your entire career. You're choosing what you're gonna be doing for your first source with an easy choice to be taking

Grant:   12:28
Not not at all. And so part of that is like you're saying there's home ports and then all the ships that are available under that home port is there generally, uh, what? You've seen a common ports in which the majority of ships gets elected first, Like you see, people pick mainly for the home port or for the actual ship itself.

Jarred:   12:49
I think for our class, it was mostly about homeport. Most able did not want. Norfolk is pretty much happened like nobody wanted to be a little. Um, yeah. This morning is good, Daniel, right? You're you're put in there by order of Merit. So the smarter kids get Hawaii. Rhoda. Ah, a couple people get Japan, But most people want, like the I believe like like Hawaii. Rhoda in San Diego are the 1st 3 that always go. And, you know, the lower you are in order of merit, you're probably gonna be an in Norfolk, which is fine. You know, it's fine. So and then it's not really about like, um, it's not about what your location. Now it's gonna be about, like, what type of shit do you want to be on? Do you want to go on a cruiser? We can't choose carriers that's either cruiser or a destroyer. And then, okay, don't want to be on a newer ship or an older ship or do I want to be on it for me? It was more about like, I know I have my sister there with me because she was a teacher at the time and she knew people on different ships. So it's kind of like, Hey, I heard that this captain's really good. I've heard that, you know, these department heads are a little bit more locked on, like I know some of you know, it's what I do. You know, the Navy is so small, and so I think as we go through it, what's to get the lower the lower numbers? That's gonna be when it's more like personal each and every ship.

Grant:   14:06
Okay, um And so just to clarify and reiterate because we kind of just mentioned it is that the order in which midshipman get to pick is based on your order of merit. So of all of the surface warfare officers, um, surface warfare selects the person with the highest order of Merit out of all of the service warfare selects will get to go up and pick their ship first, Karam, which is which is really you know, you're saying unfortunately, in the lower and you're kind of more like I hope there's something There's something good left. Um, but that now has also changed a little bit with the idea of the blue chip. Yes, from summer training. Do you mind talking a little bit about the blue chip? Ah, and what that means and how that affects Midshipman. Especially some of the midshipmen that have lower

Jarred:   14:58
order of merits. Good question. Over here. Like Okay, Let's think back. So okay, it's the way that the blue chip works from my understanding Is that, like these are the people that go through the table economy like I want to be a surface where for officer originally, like for I would say for myself, I wanted to be a Marine. So my first class crews quote unquote when they called a cruise. It's just like a training. He was leatherneck. I was went to Quantico, X, Y and Z. However, if you're like I want to be a swell, you're gonna say I want to be a swot and I want to go on on the surface, please are the first on. And that's when you're going to be following around a division officer to learn what they're doing. If you perform so well while you're on the summer training happen or the Excel see, that's this. You're like, really where it is. You're you're to be a Devo within a year. Bacon blue chip, You meaning like, hey, I want Jared re Dixon to come back to the ship as my officer, right? Or for whatever it is. And so when they blew chip you, I'm not sure how it works. I think I think it's literally a letter in a combination of a couple other things that's like, I want this person on my ship So when that happens, it's kind of you're chilling that ship's election because you know that you know exactly where you're going. Um so that's that's a whole another chance. I believe we have, like, 66 to 8 our year. Um and I mean, I guess those are the people that you're dead like. People are dead set on being a service work. And I think sometimes you one thing with the community is definitely trying to change is no weed. There's people that want to beast West flow is not the last thing that you know Yeah, on. And those are the ones that want to do it are really good at it, and then they get chosen for, you know, a ship that they want to be on. So yeah,

Grant:   16:43
absolutely. And that's really helpful because, like you're saying the Rodas, the Hawaii's, the San Diego's that usually go first to a point where somewhere with a lower order of merit might not be able to get a ship out of there unless, like you're saying, you know you might not be the most academically inclined, but you get the opportunity over your summer training if you're on a destroyer out of Hawaii or cruiser out of San Diego, or whatever it may be to prove that you are one a good human being. But two are going to be a good officer with a look at that can. You can prove that you would be great on that ship, which I think is a fantastic opportunity because it provides a lot of people potentially in a load, a lower order of merit to still get the ship they want right now on the flip side or not necessarily the flip side. But in addition with that is that if you receive a blue chip from your ship, you are not required to take it. So if you want on the summer cruise and your ship, like to you. But you didn't necessarily like your ship and you didn't want to go back to it, or it's in a location that you don't want to be, you are not required to take that blue chip eso again it provides you with that safety spot, but you're not required to take it. So if you have a blue chip somewhere, but you'd rather go somewhere else, that is absolutely a thing you can do. Um, so if you're a parent out there and you know that your son or daughter got a blue chip to a specific ship but doesn't want it, that is just fine. They do have the ability to pick something else. If they would like a meme, they been love that. All right, next thing that I kind of want to get Thio is what do mid. So when the year coming up on ships election, the months leading up to ship selection, water midshipman talking about like are they trying to figure out where their friends are going via location or shit? Like their plans being made between midshipman on? How was that experience for you? Like what are mids considering when There on in the days leading up to ships left.

Jarred:   18:35
So I was to the people that are more competitive, a k like the first, like 100 people. They're the ones that are a little bit that air gaming. It more on the gaming, as in like asking, Oh, so where you want to go, like, What do you want to be doing? Because everybody knows, First of all, who like the like, let's just say there was one spot that why and pop 10 people. It's easy to know. Let me I'll just bring it out of the top 10. You talk to the top 10 people and they're all trying to get one Hawaii's, but like when there's not necessarily drama, but that's its people are trying to game it, you know? So everybody's got everyone's asking, Honestly, what are you thinking? Where do you want to go? I know a lot of the football players like, Oh, we're all gonna go here. We're all gonna go on this ship. You know something To some people, it's more about I want to be, you know, with my friends. Other people's like I want to get as far away as I can. And so everybody has their own thing. But I think it became more of a conversation. Ah, leading up to it. If you were more competitive because it with people towards the entire time we're having okay, we're gonna get whatever whatever you want. That's what we're gonna be getting. So we're not really stressing out. That's for me. That was most of my time. We were just Well, you know, we'll see. We'll probably be in Norfolk, but it's not gonna be a great chip

Grant:   19:51
and kind of with that, Like you're saying you don't necessarily have asked much control over it, But is there still a lot of, um, using a navy term here? A lot of scuttlebutt about potential captains and crews of ships that are available. And is there any alumni participation in this, like mids? Who are surface warfare officers reaching back timid shipment at the academy saying, Hey, this is a great ship. You should come here or even on the flip side. Hey, this is not a great ship. Yes, Maybe one will

Jarred:   20:18
completely forgot about that. So I experienced that Maur. So once you get to the fleet, right? Like now that I look at that now I think about it, um, for me, Like I said, I always had ah, lot of mentors that do a lot of people like Hey, I know the captain of the ship I know the XO on the ship or my sister Samuel the department at. So that's when you start asking. Okay, Who do we know in whatever area, And then So some people are very direct, like they'll come in and they'll have, like, the top seven ships. Okay, I don't get this knot to get that. You don't think I get back so usually, I mean, if you know people, you're right. If you're networking, then you're gonna be asking what's the best place to go, you know, for for me, you know, um but yes. So I would say that that's definitely a factor. Because while most of our sponsor parents are usually commanders air higher and if your commander you're probably either post destroyer cruiser No, you're definitely We are the post destroyer or pre destroyer, or you're going to be taking command of a cruiser like that. So, like a lot of them like their their peers. Um, So it just asked me what? What do you think? What you think is a good ship and then you know them asking their friends and then yeah,

Grant:   21:35
Absolutely. Um And so now I kind of wanna move back a little bit to the actual nights of ships election. So you're talking about it. Your name gets called, your song comes up, your slide gets put on the screen and you're walking down. Um and I'm saying you're as in just like in general, if if this is your midshipman kind of coming down and you get to the board again, do you mind just running people through again? Just what the different colors of, um, So there's actually like they're literally like, What are they like? Magnets that go up on a

Jarred:   22:07
board up rises just like a big It's a big white board and they're all different. I never even understood what all of the different colors met because I knew that most not didn't have pertained to me. I just know something more like, Hey, this one's nuclear. I think there was some clearly all the wine from the dinner was gone by the way we started walking. I don't know what that, Um, well, I would say that s OK. So they call your name and they'll be like, you know, 2 23 Jared prefix Cue music. Music on. Walk down. Um, your picture goes up, everyone screaming and yelling for you. It's kind of an adrenaline rush. And yeah, as walking down. And then when you get up there, usually by the time like I think five people up before me, I was okay. This is the one I'm gonna get, like I'm going to choose. I think I actually I chose the Oh, I chose the USS for Sherman. Okay, So initially I was like, Okay, that before Sherman, it's still there. It's still there. I'm gonna like. That's why I was so, like, I wanna walk down knowing that's where I was gonna go. Yeah, um and that's how it works for everybody. You're not just gonna walk up there and nobody, Okay, now I'm gonna make up my mind, you know? You get up there. Um, the music usually, like, dims down. You figure out this morning. D'oh! You get it? You just you show the emcee this is what I'm gonna d'oh! She says it over the you know, over the p A system. And then you wave and you have your little moment and then you walk off, you know?

Grant:   23:34
Yeah, it's fantastic. Ah, and it's really cool. So with that, you just you could add a little personal flair to it a little, Um, And so with those magnets, the one that I specifically, uh, know about because these are all my brethren is if you are a swot C w option. Meaning your surface warfare officer with a guaranteed lateral transfer to the cryptologic warfare community. Ah, those were the green like magnets on the board. So if you get a green magnet and that means those spots are specifically reserved for the people going swot, CW or like swot anything into the information warfare community. We also have swot BDO options, Um, which I think are the blue ones if I'm not mistaking and then like you're saying mind strippers and stuff. So those are just the different colors that you may see on the board again, just referencing different things. But you're very generic swot, whether it's on a crude as so a destroyer or cruiser or an amphibious. So again, your LSD is l HDs l A J is all those are gonna be just normal white placards, usually with ah, the blue lettering. Now, when you do take that placard offer that magnet off. Do you get to keep it? Is that something that you gotta hold on to her? You have to turn it back into whoever is running the show, you

Jarred:   24:57
know? You know why? That's a really good question. I'm pretty sure, actually. You get to keep it. I don't know where mine is. That now that you're bringing, you definitely get to keep it. Because then what happens is you, uh, like, little traditions that put it over your door and many off. So for me, I had it was me and my room major and runs. And he chosen else yachts. I chose the DVD, And then are we put over our room? No. Which is kind of cool because, you know, as you're walking around Bancroft, you can see, like, where this was like, uh, I don't know. Anybody else really doesn't. I don't think they put like wings or marine courts. Yeah, but like, that's a slow thing. You put it over your your rooms after being No, this is the show that Barnes Phil. And this is the left, so Yeah, you don't get cute, and I really don't know where Minus

Grant:   25:42
tonight. um And then So when you you do it, you pick it. Now what happens when you walk off stage? Because from a parent's perspective, anyone who may be watching the event, you just you just walk off this age and everything ends. But what happens when you walk off stage? Do you get a meet with your CEO and crew? Who are they're kind of What's the nest? So

Jarred:   26:00
I literally just got chills like thinking about it because it just like, brought me back to it. I just remember. And I say, remember, cause again. I was living my best like that I walked off. And when you're walking down the steps which you can't see, my powers have all of the again CEOs, Manders, the admiral's X O's. At that point, I had Captain Cruz. He gave me his Swope in hay like this is gonna be the guy who like. But when I get my spoken, I want himto have minds. He gave me a scope in which was off. When I walked off. I shook the hand of the commandant now Brigadier General Lazisky And then I met my captain. So the captain for the ship when I'm like, Oh, us does for a Sherman, right? Like as you're walking down this upset, okay? Like, and then they give you a coin. And so they meet you. So nice. Like so nice to meet you. Barlow Block. We'll talk later. Usually what happens is like, later look like we'll get drinks just kind of talk about stuff. But the part that was the weirdest part for me that I shared with a couple of my friends I asked her, You walk past that. It kind of just like a lot of emotions that you I remember. It was like me and a couple of my girlfriend just that kind of glittery have emotional breakdown because of that point. Call me dramatic, Right? A TTE that point. It was just kind of a culmination of why all the hard work that you but in through frost, which path? So five years of the Naval Academy and then you got service than me didn't get through the I could actually, maybe it's just some of the conduct board then. Yeah, in all the different that darkie just you made it through everything. And like now you are a surface part fair office where you're getting your order, two dishes. And so I know that we were just kind of like having a moment about, like, you know, being happy and proper out of each other. But that's definitely not so you do that. Get yourself together. Why bought their makeup and just keep it moving. And then it's still it's a whole celebration, you know, Start of the night. It's like, Mmm and that rice plate of use pictures and, um, get me that's and then usually by that point, that's when you're the people that are supporting you, like, come down from that top, that top Row two documentary and then you go get drinks after Who doesn't? Yeah,

Grant:   28:13
and and that's great. And that's like a legitimate event after correct. Like there is a post service or ship selection event for the divers. War for afters.

Jarred:   28:22
Yeah, so they actually have a ballroom. That's I didn't have any part in planning that I probably asked for more than just bear in mind, but there's a whole thing that's actually catered up there by the Officers Club. However, they some of the CEOs or in this case like there's, like some of the strike groups, right? So if you have a habit of what's coming life for our case, um, like, right now, like my struck, This isn't for the Fort Sherman, but, like, mind if if if the strike group admiral came, he would want all of his commanders in all of those that shipment that selected those shifts. So that's probably like, you know, four or five ships, right? Which is, like, 20 Midshipman. All of you guys were together because you guys are gonna strike up together, and you guys all go get drinks. So you get trains to get to meet your chain of command on, and they'll usually go. I know some people went over the O Club, and it's just it was just like, you know what I'm saying? You just like, Not really. Actually, no, I take that back. It wasn't party time at that point. It's like professional like network, like, Hey, this is going to be sure, Captain, So you know. Hi. Nice to meet you, but also, don't get crazy. Yeah, Yeah,

Grant:   29:34
absolutely. And, um, the last thing that I really wanted to talk about with this one are specifically people going abroad, and you may know a lot about it. You may not. I figure I'll just ask the question and see how much you do know for, like the sailors that Earth sailors, the MMA gym in that picked Japan as their home port. Um, there's like a the correct me if I'm wrong. But the first mate who selects either sas very kuska somewhere in Japan, Don't they, like, get a sword or something like presented Thio? I yeah,

Jarred:   30:06
I believe that happened. I didn't realize that's what What's that look like usually because, like so I don't know exactly what happens. However, I know that when you choose, like Japan enable kind of me is so diverse. As far as like having international strawberries, usually you'll have, like the, uh, the Japanese admiral come up to you and give you, like, a little bit, sort things like, Yeah, it was just which is cool because I think that might be one of the only that might be one of the only places I think that does that. So, like, yeah, now you're getting congratulated by not just your commander and maybe your average of your strike group. But a completely other, like another country's thing is coming up to you and recognize. So,

Grant:   30:50
yeah, and that's just that's just so cool. So that yeah, that was specifically happened last year in 2019 actually. First, mid, who picked Ah, Japan based ship got presented with the samurai sword in an impromptu on stage celebration. Maybe is the coolest thing of all time and had a picture holding a samurai sword of the Japanese admiral. At's shift selection. Literally. That's amazing. Um, so that's way cool, But again, yes. Oh, for everyone listening. Japan, obviously both sas bone, you kuska. We usually have a couple ships, and I mean, like, literally just a couple of meetings like somewhere between two and five out of Rhoda, Spain. You have Pearl Harbor, San Diego, Everett, Washington. Um, Norfolk. What? Little creek. But do they just combine everything basically under?

Jarred:   31:39
No, no, because usually don't have. Um, there's obviously differences. Like needles in Norfolk holds everything, But like, yeah, some of the am fibs are over there in little creek, so you'll have a little Greek on, But you also have more folk.

Grant:   31:52
Fantastic. Um well, We just provided a ton of information. So thank you so much for doing that. Now I want to turn this and direct us a little bit at the parents really quickly. If there is a parent out there that wants to watch their son or daughter go through this experience, do you know is this live streamed on where they could potentially find? Yeah,

Jarred:   32:11
so I know. Put the P a o of the neighborhood having me. Well, first of all, they have cameras set up everywhere their whole department. And not only people help people. I don't think they don't know that. There's like a whole depart is if they will set up cameras everywhere, then they will make a link for where you can watch it. And so that actually gets sent out. There's no, like, I get Senate, but like I know for when you pick service selection, it's more by company right up to this election. Now, this is monitored by the actual Mabel I by each party, and there will be like this is the link that you will go and you will watch. And I know my mom was watching me while she was so like you. Literally You get the link, you sent it to your parents. And you're like, Hey, this is where you tell me what number, right? Because, honestly, it's exciting at the beginning, you know? But when you're going through 200 for me in my moment. But it's long, Yeah. My mom was like, Okay, well, tell me when you need me to watch my mom. There is a last one. I hope you can get to come in there maybe, like, an hour and 1/2 into it, but yeah, yeah. No, it's exciting because you can, um, in my mom's case, right, Like she's literally she was still in England, and she would watch me. Okay. Like when it where is Ah, my best friend, Deana Like, where's my best friend? Cassandra likes it. So she would watch my friends because I just knew what number they were. So they send you a link, it gets out. I want to say public a week and 1/2 in advance, and then they'll send out a whole brigade. The brigade gets it. And then you just poured it to your family, usually roads posting on Facebook you'll definitely know, because when you look at me has shift question everybody, everyone does it. It's

Grant:   33:44
a huge deal. Yeah. Um all right, well, thank you so much for all of your time with this scare. We really, really appreciate it. Um, do you have anything else you would like to add? Any comments? Are anything in regards to ships, election night or anything about the Naval Academy? Before we jump into our final conclusion of our lightning round of questions,

Jarred:   34:07
I would just say that Enjoy it because I think sometimes people put this stigma of, like, what? Ships? Election? I don't I don't I think now we've probably broken that stigma from 17 moving board. But I think some people get so uptight when it comes to like, that is your night to celebrate all of it. It's fun. Yeah, it's fine. Like, this is not my graduation, Okay? There's like we were watching and very, very, very important people there. So you need professional. Explains it, but like chip selection still be professional. But, like, remember that, like, that night is about you. It's about anybody else. So I think you people get down in the dumps about you being, you know, maybe they're not getting their select, like, not getting exactly what they wanted. But you need to remember that the Naval Academy, like we get to paper for everybody else. But you could, at least for that. Okay. And you're picking out the United States on DSO. Yeah, I would just say that when people go, if they need to have the mind set up, You know what? I am celebrating all the hard work. Absolutely. Well,

Grant:   35:06
I appreciate it. Yeah. Um all right, now let's run through these lightning rounds of questions really quick. Ah, and get these knocked out. You ready? Here we go. All right. 1st 1 what's your favorite spot on the yard? Where's your favorite place to be?

Jarred:   35:20
Their spot in the yard would be memorial.

Grant:   35:23
It's beautiful, huh? Good one. Ah, Favorite meal in King. Whole

Jarred:   35:28
favorite meal would be Oh, my God, I'm getting old. We're going home. What? Didn't Even, sir, I don't know honestly. And this sounds terrible, because every single time we would have we would be wearing whites. We'll get spaghetti spaghetti. I loved it, sweetie, because they would have so much. It's not just weird. Like spaghetti and chicken parm. Is everything over?

Grant:   35:56
All right, this one's gonna be a little bit more in depth. And I know this is gonna be a tough question for you because you have so many phenomenal mentors a lot in your life. But who or what is the biggest influence to your leadership style that you have today that you can trace back to your time at the Naval Academy?

Jarred:   36:12
Oh, my God. I'm so glad you can't see my face in time Video. You know what's so crazy is that I think I learned the most from General Lazisky. And he has been my mentor for I don't know how long was I knew because when I was gung ho Marine Corps I remember the first time I saw him. I was twice now. I saw this picture before I saw him, you know, And I saw and then went to Native. Yeah, it's very exciting. And then there was times where I had to brief him because I remember, like, our senior year, every single event that I ever planned for all of us, like Yep, it had any proof to the commandant and I just remember I always go above and beyond to ensure that every question that he would ask he asked questions about ever read. I think I need to make sure I think was one of the first ones I plan, which was, uh, service election. That was when I was a candy to really set. And then he saw me at Leatherneck is with him. Hey, influenced me because he's so in depth. He's so serious. He has his command presence about him. But he's also, like, really, really, really cool about her. Yeah, um and so I've always loved that about him. So I would say that he's probably one of the biggest influences on my leadership sized because he's straight to the point. And if you could do the job, doesn't matter what you look like, what gender you are. You know what you do if you're dumber, smart, if you can get the job done very well like that. So love that

Grant:   37:37
we were truly blast to have had him as a cow, not him and Admiral Burns. I just couldn't imagine two different two very different leaders, but to just absolutely phenomenal leaders in their own right. That just have were We were just so lucky to have both of them.

Jarred:   37:53
I think those were both some of, like, the like that had a bit like that. There was no better timing for that. Liketo have burn when we had burned and then have Jesus can we have? This is it was just, like the perfect timing, especially for the personality of our hats on And how, Carter all the way through. Well, unm a nominal

Grant:   38:14
Admiral Carter is one of the most impressive people who I just I have so much admiration for. That man has been shot. Lynda Carter. We love her too. We left her. Um all right, uh, kind of last question here. What's your greatest memory? And I know you made a lot of great memories. I know you had a lot of fun, but what is your greatest memory from your four years in Annapolis?

Jarred:   38:37
God, um, and this sounds so crazy, but you have to let me finish. So I think it was my year. Okay? Their goodwill. So my senior year, I was the captain of the competition Trillion spot, and we would work out probably you know, as hard or harder than like the football players were cause we would practice and practice and practice and practice. And we went to nationals and we won and we came back and we were invited by the superintendent to come over to his house for an ice cream social progress. And that was like the first time that's ever been like that's ever happened. And I think that was my greatest memory. Because, um, this is another thing. Parents understand that at the Naval Academy, when you talk about Order of Merit, right, you're talking about conduct linked with academics and a lot of stuff that's on paper. And then one day you look at that. They also built in interviews, and we'll see your your how you communicate in your leadership and some of us, right? Anchorman black and having a good time living my life, right? You don't get the have those opportunities specifically because your paper does not look, it doesn't look like you would be, you know, 1/4 quote. Adequate leader, right? Yes, but with cheerleading, right? I had people that were like, You know what? He's the best for the job he needs to be the capital use of event. And so for me, that was a big win, because I just remember how we would have our highway. And there was so it was bad. There was so many things that were that there's so many things that we went through as a team, Um, people getting sick, people getting hurt with a couple losses in our class and to kind of go through that as a team and then come out as national champions and then get there's a picture. And I wish I could probably send it so we

Grant:   40:28
can a week and we can put it in the show. Notes,

Jarred:   40:31
Yes. Find a trap. Yeah, there's a picture of my team in the back of the superintendent's, um, his backyard at, like, sunset. And we put in our blues right, and we put the pyramid like the cheerleading pyramid. Yeah, and so everybody's in their blues and you have girls standing on top of girls, you know, hitching. And and there's this one amazing photo of everybody and eyes were looking at that, like, wow, like we really did. You know, that was one of my biggest metric. Sounds like, you know, because sometimes you can get in your head a little bit. You're like, Am I gonna be a good officer? I keep I keep getting on restriction, you know? But then you're like, You know what? At least you're doing something. You're doing something, right? So that was a big That was good.

Grant:   41:15
Absolutely. Ah, Well, Jared, thank you so much for taking the time to run us through service selection and sharing some of your neighbor things some. Your moments, uh, we really, really appreciate it. Well,

Jarred:   41:26
thank you, Grant, for inviting me on here. I think what you're doing with this is amazing. And it gets good to show a big variety off the, um, all the graduates of the Naval Academy. And so that's how you get all the different perspectives. You know,

Grant:   41:42
I appreciate it That that is the goal as well. Going to get back, help out the ah, the parent level in community and show him. Ah, what the Naval Academy is all about. All the amazing people who have gone through and are now doing great things all around the world. Ah, All right. Well, to the academy inside our audience. Thank you guys so much for tune in. Check out the show notes again for that picture. Uh, that there to stalk him out as well as other links from the podcast episode today. So thank you guys so much, Jared, Once again. Thank you. And I hope you have a great day. Thank you. All right, everyone. I hope you enjoyed this episode so much and a quick shout out to and shine because I wish I was clever enough to have come up with the NFL draft combined with a little bit of the price is right, joke about ships election. But that actually came from an shines book, a U. S and a Mom's journal, which is a fantastic read if you're looking especially for all appearance out there about the U. S. And a experience from the parent's perspective and everything that goes on in the Naval Academy. A fantastic read all put a link to that book in the show notes and anything else we talked about in this episode. So make sure to check it out if you would like. Please leave me a review on apple podcast and be sure to subscribe. I'm really looking forward to it. And you guys, thank you so much for letting me be your guide to the United States Naval Academy journey.