Past Chaos

Could You Survive Life On The Road

June 27, 2022 April Kirk & Loren Kirk Season 3 Episode 149
Past Chaos
Could You Survive Life On The Road
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In this episode, April and Loren interview a very special guest.  Sarah and her husband made a big decision to go against the grain.  After her husband's retirement from the military, Sarah  decided they should purchase a giant RV and take their 3 daughters and pet children on the road for a year.  Listen to the interesting details of her travels and how she stays sane during her journey of life on the road.
Can you guess the "spicy" question April and Loren are dying to know from Sarah?
Also, find out how Loren was recently interrogated on her parenting style.

If you want to hear more about Sarah and her family or just follow along on their journey, check out her website:

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(Cont.) Could You Survive Life On The Road