Past Chaos

Are You A Crazy Ex

December 12, 2022 April Kirk & Loren Kirk Season 3 Episode 163
Past Chaos
Are You A Crazy Ex
Past Chaos
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Show Notes

After listening to the start of last week's episode we realized it sounded like we were having our toenails plucked.  Sorry for that, because we are in fact not miserable!  
This week we brought our positive attitudes and good vibes.
Do you drunk shop?  One of the women admits they do, while the other shops enough sober.  Also, are you aware of your surroundings.  April admits that she has become much more situationally aware, while Loren says when she feels safe, she lets her guard down.
April talks about a feeling she got this week, and how her journey of self-discovery is going.  Loren got her lips done and gives an update on how she feels about them.
The women started rewatching "You, Me, & My Ex" and discuss their thoughts on the first episode, how they felt then and now.
Finally, are you a crazy ex?  Listen to find out the craziest things April and Loren have done post breakup.

Don't forget, you can now stream Season 1 of "You, Me, & My Ex" on Discovery+.

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