Past Chaos

How Do You Handle Holidays

December 19, 2022 April Kirk & Loren Kirk Season 3 Episode 164
Past Chaos
How Do You Handle Holidays
Past Chaos
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Show Notes

After surviving the world's longest week, the women are preparing for the holidays.  While attending their child's orchestra concert, the ladies were recognized as "the girls from TLC".  
April shocks Loren by telling her that she was pulled over by the cops this week.
To kick off the weekend, the women attended a concert that gave them high school nostalgia.  
The ladies discuss meeting in-laws and how they felt meeting the parents.  April divulges her feelings of being on the other end of that scenario.
Listen to find out what types of gifts April and Loren live to give and receive.  Also, how are they handling this blended family Christmas?
The women discuss rewatching the next episode of You, Me and My Ex.

Also, you can now stream Season 1 of "You, Me, & My Ex" on Discovery+.

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