Past Chaos

Are You Ready For A New Year?

January 09, 2023 April Kirk & Loren Kirk Season 3 Episode 165
Past Chaos
Are You Ready For A New Year?
Past Chaos
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Show Notes

After a rough start, April and Loren are back and ready to take on this new year!  
Are we a shit show?  We are really questioning ourselves, especially after finding out what some of our neighbors think of our lifestyle.  This revelation makes Loren reveal what an ex referred to our house as.
April had an epiphany that has her rethinking the way she handles things in her life.
In this episode, April and Loren discuss 2022.  They talk about the good and bad parts and what they learned from it, both agreeing that they are happy to see it end.
Even though 2023 started out rough for the ladies, they are ready to face this year head on and with optimism.
The women discuss their biggest regret of 2022 and their intentions and hopes for 2023.

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