Past Chaos

Can We Confess

January 23, 2023 April Kirk & Loren Kirk Season 3 Episode 167
Past Chaos
Can We Confess
Past Chaos
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Show Notes

There was so much to unpack, we didn't even have time to unpack it all!  During this busy week, we celebrated a birthday for one of our middle children.  
Find out what people do in pictures that really bugs the women.  
Loren has a confession for April.  This leads to a discussion on Loren's habit of running from her relationships, and why April thinks it is perfectly healthy this time.  
Then, April has a little confession for Loren.  Hear why it was difficult for her to decide the right time to tell Loren, due to the fact April is her best friend and bonus mom to her children.
Finally, the women discuss double standards for women and men.  Listen to all of this and so much more during this week's episode. 

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